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We have one goal when it comes to disc golf, GROW THE SPORT! The videos we help produce and create are intended to teach beginners, entertain veterans, and reach audiences to introduce them to the sport. There are a lot of outgoing individuals in the world who are unaware the sport even exist. We want to show the world of disc golf through our lens.

  • Backyard Chickens
    Backyard Chickens

    Disc golf is gay

  • Ruben Sotelo
    Ruben Sotelo

    Great job james!!!

  • Alex Collison
    Alex Collison

    I want a keystone with an Emerson Keith stone stamp

  • Just Mike
    Just Mike

    If there was an Adam Hammes movie, Kyle Klein should play the part.

  • Robert Purdon
    Robert Purdon

    I'm usually somewhat of a Nikko apologist, but yikes can't really say much positive about this one. Fbomb on cam, kicking mini, throwing hat, shady ob argument... oof. :/

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown

    25:29 The window Klein had for this one was nasty! Wanted to see him bang that one!

  • P. W.
    P. W.

    Love the coverage but please fix the echo on Nate's mic. PEACE!

  • Ricky

    Did I hear "drone hole preview"?

  • Douglas Bourdett
    Douglas Bourdett

    Kind of new to the game but didn’t Wysocki lose balance on his putt on 5?

  • Ryan Sells
    Ryan Sells

    James Conrad saying something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.

  • stul0031

    Since when does Ricky throw PD2s? I know that innova and discmania have an agreement about allowing their athletes to use each other's discs, but Ricky put out an in the bag like 3 weeks ago and there was definitely not a PD2 in his bag.

  • Johnhwbaker

    I'm getting some real Hole 17 Winthrop vibes from Hole 16 here at the Fort! Looks like a lot of fun to throw and I bet will really provide some stroke separation come Worlds.

  • Brian Beaulieu
    Brian Beaulieu

    As much as I hate Nikko damn good shot on 18


    This course is nasty

  • Brian Beaulieu
    Brian Beaulieu

    Nikko is for sure out on 16

  • Phoenix Steel
    Phoenix Steel

    Thanks so much for this coverage. A little constructive criticism, if I may. Either let your cameramen know to account for the scorecard position when framing shots or flatten out the scorecard a bit and dock it to the bottom of the frame. There's a handful of times where a disc landing or the bottom of a basket is obscured by the scorecard.

  • Brian Beaulieu
    Brian Beaulieu

    Nikko is fucking bad for the game big baby 👶

  • feelthepayne88

    Weird echo going on with Nate's audio. Can't complain too much tho about top quality disc golf coverage!

  • Clive Tupelo
    Clive Tupelo

    JC sounds like Michael Stipe.

  • Bank Ops
    Bank Ops

    Who the F decided to mark these out of bounds perimeters? They make no sense. Through long, and straight on 18 on a 650 ft hole and its OB? Seriously thats the dumbest shit ive ever seen. OB should punish BAD shots not good shots. Do they not get that?

  • James Satchwill
    James Satchwill

    Wow! What a curveball course to have the Pro's play at Worlds...I Like It.

  • shmodizzley

    What in the actual fuck is this 400 foot zoom shit

  • SpoolnBad

    Keep Nikko off youtube coverage 2021 campaign

  • Jibbacraft Teamplays
    Jibbacraft Teamplays

    James a low key chess man? Also, Dallin... had to see at least one solid LDS name in the Utah open.

  • Bank Ops
    Bank Ops

    this broadcast is exhausting

  • AJ Brown
    AJ Brown

    I know this comment won't be very popular, but I love this course. It's like disc golf and mini golf had a baby. Gimmicky, but looks like a lot of fun.

  • Bank Ops
    Bank Ops

    plz jomez plz

  • @disccombobulated

    Nightstrike echo

  • Harris Clayman
    Harris Clayman

    Sounds like Nate’s voice was bleeding into James’ mic here. Weird doubling effect.

  • Johnhwbaker

    Jesus. Made the mistake of reading the comments again. I for one am grateful for the coverage. Cool course! Thx Gatekeeper.

  • TheTemenian

    dawg, like 100% in for these guys putting in. but give the advertisements during the break thanks

  • Brett Miller
    Brett Miller


  • James Duncan
    James Duncan

    Anybody know what Nate meant when he said the Kyle is "still" putting with the P2? This was around 7:00. Did Discmania finally announce that they were ending their partnership with Innova and I just missed it?

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    Love James Conrad. He sounds like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

  • samxyx

    This course involves too much luck to host the world championships. I think it has the potential to be a good course but there's too much random overgrown foliage which you can't really plan for off the tee. Needs to be cleaned up

  • @disccombobulated

    I love the 80’s hole previews! 😜


    James whispering into the mic

  • Mr. Fishback Math
    Mr. Fishback Math

    Are these hole previews actually filmed by drone? I wish they would show one continuous shot from tee to pin. It’s hard to get a true sense of how the hole is laid out when it’s chopped up into sections.

  • samxyx

    This course is stupid. I like wooded golf too, but there’s gotta at least be defined fairways

  • Bob Bunton
    Bob Bunton

    Did Ricky get his disc out of the tree in hole 4? You could see him throwing stuff at it in the background of later shots.

  • derekexplosion

    beautiful scenery, thanks for the coverage!

  • M D
    M D

    The audio sucks please fix it

  • PhoenixAshes13

    The commentors sure are a whiny lot. Overlooking the obvious of such a beautiful and challenging course and the fact Emerson and Ricky put on one hell of a show. Hole 16 is spectacular and so well set up. Would love to play that course...

  • Blonkinman

    Emerson looking clean and confident out there! Good news for the competitive stretch!

  • Wes Stirewalt
    Wes Stirewalt

    I had to mute this. The sound is completely unlistenable

  • ApplepieDevTeam

    Thanks again for amazing coverage. Safe to say in 10 months I’ve become fully addicted to disc golf. I can’t get enough!

  • Alexander Karp
    Alexander Karp

    If the world champion gets decided by roped OB on hole 18, that would suck

  • Matthew Sadler
    Matthew Sadler

    Please stop Ricky’s manager.

    • Emma Hanley
      Emma Hanley

      And also the entire gallery that joined her later in the round. No cheering. No clapping.

  • Long Way to Pro
    Long Way to Pro

    Awesome to see Emerson putting it back together in time for another worlds! Let's go!

  • Alexander Karp
    Alexander Karp

    This is an amazingly well designed courst

  • Jim Plattes
    Jim Plattes

    Wysocki will be hard to beat in the World Championship.

  • M D
    M D


    • M D
      M D

      @Gatekeeper Media Oh I thought it was clear- I’m yelling because the audio has been unforgivably poor. It seems like you guys aren’t aware of it, maybe if I yell enough?

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Why are you yelling?!

  • Zack W
    Zack W

    Try and fix the volume on the announcers. Love the content but you have had several videos with bad audio.

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker

    Nikko is such a crybaby. There is no one I would rather root against.

  • NADA

    Where are the "Lucky Disc Golf" banners to block all of Rickys putts LOL

  • Shawn Weindorf
    Shawn Weindorf

    May I ask for a solid favor? My parents are both deaf and I really want to introduce to them the sport that I love so much. Anything you could do would help tremendously

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P

    Thanks guys for keeping your videos short. Love Jomez but their videos seem to keep getting longer, which makes it hard to find time to watch all the coverage. Also can you get Conrad on commentary more often? He's good.

  • Bro Heme
    Bro Heme

    Not sure about this course. I almost always prefer wooded courses (though there are now a number of very interesting layouts on ball golf courses), but if you make the lines and landing zones too specific or the pins are buried in a maze of trees it starts to take on a mini-golf feel. Some of these holes are on the borderline.

    • Britain Best
      Britain Best

      @Bro Heme Ha! Go tell that to Leanord Muise and see what he tells you. You can try to be insulting but at least I understand that you don't know what your talking about lol...

    • Bro Heme
      Bro Heme

      @Britain Best Unfortunately, you have the reading comprehension of my dead cat. Of course forcing specific shots is one of the keys (but of course only one of the keys) to a good design. My point is that when the design demands shots that are TOO (key word -- see original post) specific, it crosses over into bad design. If you drew a 5 foot island around a basket on a 450 foot par 3 you would be demanding a specific shot. Or you could make a triple mando 18" wide - that would take a specific shot. Good designs? Ya following yet?

    • Britain Best
      Britain Best

      Yea. Because that's good course design..... lol. Its made to throw specific shots. The shots are there.. they're just hard. Lol

  • shelby swarey
    shelby swarey

    Cmon gatekeeper, shitty audio and missed footage. Record every shot please. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • PhoenixAshes13

    This course looks and feels like the perfect choice for worlds. Good job on fixing the audio Nate and James are a great team...

    • Joe Brown
      Joe Brown

      This course is amazing, seriously looks like a million hours of work went into this place!

  • lynda jones
    lynda jones

    sorry to say but i'd pick not watching this over watching just because of the commentary gatekeeper has, and it's every time. brian is the worst. nate doesn't say interesting things ever but is always boring. now conrad with the vocal fry. unbearable to watch. has potential but not really up to the challenge i guess.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      K, bye! 👋

  • Matthew Sadler
    Matthew Sadler

    More bad commentary. And EmmerDaddy? Get TFO of here.

  • Jacob Sonnenfeld
    Jacob Sonnenfeld

    From Gatekeeper Media, yesterday’s R1 F9 video comment “Pinned by Gatekeeper Media Gatekeeper Media Thanks for tuning into our round 1 coverage! We had a slight recording issue that may cause it to sound a little off. Don’t worry that issue will be fixed for the next round!” Uuuhhhh....

  • Michael Mauer
    Michael Mauer

    Thanks for the coverage and commentary! The form checks are a fantastic addition, holy smokes.

  • GUS Gus
    GUS Gus

    Wow, the poor sportsmanship from Nikko. He needs to retire and play shoots and ladders.

  • John Cook
    John Cook

    Thank you Gatekeeper Media

  • T. Noel Trudell-Kays
    T. Noel Trudell-Kays

    Nate and James have the perfect voices to take a nap to.

    • AJ Brown
      AJ Brown

      Yeah, not my favorite commentary team. 😴😴

  • Austin Fonk
    Austin Fonk

    Really need to fix Nate's mic reverb. Not easy to listen to. Very annoying.

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James

    Boy ,these two boys who are doing commentary ,are literally putting me to sleep ,had to go back to hole one to catch up !! Come on folks ,,,anybody but these two ,thanx !

  • Ajar Scorpion
    Ajar Scorpion

    Nate was being picked up by both mics.

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown

    I love disc golf, I’m awful but I love it. I think James Conrad is amazing to watch, but man…. his commentary is like a Valium, it just puts me to sleep. I get that he’s most likely just being his authentic self and I respect that, but….. c’mon ya gotta add a little color commentary to this channel. It’s honestly hard to watch.

  • amraKarma

    Hole #1, I peed there once.

  • K N
    K N

    Say what you will about Nikko but to my knowledge he's never been less than a perfect gentleman and all around positive human towards his competitors and the volunteers behind the camera (unlike some of the toddlers in these comments.)

    • TheWabinator

      I think he just beats himself up super bad and is a perfectionist with lots of anxiety. I guess that rubs some people the wrong way? I’ve read a lot of first hand accounts saying exactly what you stated… he’s a great guy on and off the course.

  • Rich Conroy
    Rich Conroy

    James news to get a job with not when he retires from disc golf

  • GingerSoulthief

    Echo echo echo

    • GingerSoulthief

      @Gatekeeper Media sorry, couldn't help myself. Keep up the great content!

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media


  • Emma Hanley
    Emma Hanley

    Thanks for the coverage. James Conrad is a treat. I personally don’t mind a break from the dudebromance of everyone’s fav commentators. Like, definitely, they’ve got a schtick that works, they totally make me laugh, but this makes it a little easier to just watch the golf. And it’s cool to hear the perspective of a unique person and player like JC.

    • Emma Hanley
      Emma Hanley

      @lynda jones OK!

  • Alexander Karp
    Alexander Karp

    530ft par three? Ok I'll try not to throw it long

  • Adam Marsh
    Adam Marsh

    Audio has been very low for the commentators, leading to exploding commercials! Great coverage nonetheless as always!

  • Ben Almquist
    Ben Almquist

    Did you guys record the audio in a closet?

  • Logan Begalka
    Logan Begalka

    Great coverage and great commentary dou!