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We have one goal when it comes to disc golf, GROW THE SPORT! The videos we help produce and create are intended to teach beginners, entertain veterans, and reach audiences to introduce them to the sport. There are a lot of outgoing individuals in the world who are unaware the sport even exist. We want to show the world of disc golf through our lens.

  • needsomekyle

    Lmfao my video froze right as he ripped his shirt off! I think it added to the celebration haha

  • Kyle Nussbaum
    Kyle Nussbaum

    Ricky really freaked out about that disc 😳 sheesh.

    • Kyle Nussbaum
      Kyle Nussbaum

      @Admodum must’ve had flashbacks when that thing was in the air

    • Admodum

      You know he's taken a disc to the dome a few times

  • NADA


  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith

    Why does it look like Kevin's bag weighs 200 pounds at the end?

  • S.0.S

    Ricky is such a spaz

  • Larry Faust
    Larry Faust

    If you take a close look at dudes face, he kinda looks like a fat Uli

  • samxyx

    Riding the Bull, Feeling the Flow

  • samxyx

    Happy Gilmore

  • Eugene Mattecheck Jr
    Eugene Mattecheck Jr

    Wouldn't the celebratory throw count as a stroke?

  • RockportBob

    Keeping it fun, Kevin!

  • Roger Dat
    Roger Dat

    Pretty shorts dude👍🏼🤮

  • Laquisha Jones
    Laquisha Jones

    Are we playing soccer bahaha

  • Laquisha Jones
    Laquisha Jones


  • E Lowe
    E Lowe

    Celebration is great but.... Just based off his reaction, Ricky seems like a really good dude. Type of guy you would trust your wallet with.

    • Laquisha Jones
      Laquisha Jones

      Rickys great watch the whole video of the skrimage funny stuff

  • Jordan Marshall
    Jordan Marshall

    Where is this from 🤣

    • Alan S
      Alan S

      @Gatekeeper Media muh memory. Sorry!

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      You sir are wrong. It’s from our first Iron Man Scratch Match. We are not GKPro.

    • Alan S
      Alan S

      2nd most recent OTB Skins edit: nope i'm dumb

  • Trading_cards_and_more

    Blinded by the white

  • Rodney Gustine
    Rodney Gustine

    Farmers tan from an Arkansas guy!?! Who would have known!😂😂

    • Ron Jones
      Ron Jones

      Both sides of my family are from Arkansas. I'm kinda afraid to do an investigation of my family tree. It might up being a shrub.

  • BMFJ

    KJ got smoked by Ricky that day but he was still having fun.

  • Cristian CristianPurdom
    Cristian CristianPurdom

    That disc golf tan comin in real nice haha

  • CalliVol

    No one cares about shoes that we all wore when we were six. Get back to golf.

    • BreakfastBacon

      @Gatekeeper Media 😂😂😂

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Sounds like you don’t pump.

  • AlwaysDunnRight

    Lol wtf is this and how are there going to be?

  • Blandon Tennis
    Blandon Tennis

    I see. Paul's strategy is to safely get into 50/50 putt range and make 90% of them.

  • greg cobb
    greg cobb

    Was the water skip on purpose? and the guy commenting on his out of bounds, I think hole 8, "trash". lol. Yep, Paul is earning his keep.

  • Mike Bordner
    Mike Bordner

    What was that run on hole 9. Was he pokin fun of the Raptor legs 🤔😂

  • tilde

    Can someone explain what this is


      ​@Davy Crocket Definitely not poking fun at them, I rock the shit out of these shoes on the regular. This was just a little something that Disc Golf Ledger and myself whipped up for fun. It was an attempt at being funny though. Some jokes hit, some missed by a lot.

    • Davy Crocket
      Davy Crocket

      I believe it is an attempt at being funny by poking fun at "pump" shoes that were popular in the 90's

  • Taylor

    What up SVname SVname whatup! Jolie Ollie comin at Cha!

  • brian6speed

    I'm totally that guy yo

  • ab vevo
    ab vevo

    Nikko Locastro with a mullet🤔😂😂

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    Only redeeming quality of this is that dude actually has pretty good form...

    • Andrew Wolverton
      Andrew Wolverton

      @J. BLAZE PRESENTS "Fundamentals are the crutch for the talentless." -- KP


      Thanks. Haha. I fucking hate my form

  • Dunnewold's World
    Dunnewold's World

    Anyone know what prototype stamped disc Paul threw on hole 16’s tee shot?

  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown

    Tell me why I flinched whenever the camera man almost got hit on Eric's tee shot on 7 lol

  • Jed Taitano
    Jed Taitano

    Respect the pump

  • James Bone
    James Bone

    This guys got balls even rocking his pumps on the course. I won't even step on blades of grass in my reebok classics.

  • BarkLeemadeit15 COD
    BarkLeemadeit15 COD

    Between 2 missed putts and his almost ace combined he was a foot away from being 3 better on the front 9. This dude is too good.

  • ghosTrunner

    This dude is hilarious fam! I'm down to clown when he comes around...

  • Biz

    Budget Kenny Powers.

  • theinfamousdoom


  • Unsilenced Dissenter
    Unsilenced Dissenter

    Fuckin hilarious 🤣

    • Disc Golf Ledger
      Disc Golf Ledger

      We thought so!

  • Zescape

    Shoutout to Mike Carman, I see you!

    • Disc Golf Ledger
      Disc Golf Ledger

      Those guys are the best!

  • hyzerponix

    I remember being so happy to finally get a pair of Reebok Pumps. Of course, they were already played out by then, and Mom only let me get them because they were on clearance. But hey, they complimented my Triple Fat Goose jacket quite nicely.😎

    • hyzerponix

      All good. I'm just disappointed that I ran out of pneumatics puns so quickly.

    • Disc Golf Ledger
      Disc Golf Ledger

      No pressure, just playing!

    • Michael Yahner
      Michael Yahner

      you need the pressure... of the pumps.

    • hyzerponix

      @Disc Golf Ledger I see you felt pressured to reply but I really meant no offense.

    • Disc Golf Ledger
      Disc Golf Ledger

      People who think pumps are played out are just deflated.


    This is so funny. I was actually at the Nice Kicks this weekend and saw a pair for sale. I secretly wanted to buy them! 😆


      The new Dee Browns?? They sold so quickly, just glad I have a pair of the originals.


      @Disc Golf Ledger $200+

    • Disc Golf Ledger
      Disc Golf Ledger

      Why didn't you!?


    I hope they do more!

  • BreakfastBacon

    So many questions haha.

    • BreakfastBacon

      @J. BLAZE PRESENTS Haha I think I’ll just wait and see. Love every part of this.


      I'm here to answer any questions that you have

    • Unsilenced Dissenter
      Unsilenced Dissenter


    • Disc Golf Ledger
      Disc Golf Ledger

      We have questions too, and we filmed it!

  • appidydafoo


  • Donovan Livingston
    Donovan Livingston

    'does anybody know who that was?'...LOL

    • Taylor

      Jolie Ollie

  • douglas williams
    douglas williams

    🤣🤣🤣🤣dude, you're some kind of special.

  • Caleb Tennison
    Caleb Tennison


  • Big Sean
    Big Sean

    I love these kinds of highlights ya'll put out. Straight to the point, nothing extra, clean, and what the people want to see🙏

  • James Kamphuis
    James Kamphuis

    Spit outs are part of the game . ... .sorry Ezra...shoulda threw a nuke

  • fleming

    Did anyone else hear someone call his throw at 8:00 “straight trash”.??

    • Dan Jenkins
      Dan Jenkins

      Somebody definitely can be heard saying, 'that was not good.'

    • fleming

      @Matthew Barker i thought it was the catch cam that picked it up. I didn’t think it sounded like Paul but idk.

    • Big Sean
      Big Sean

      @Matthew Barker it didn't really sound like McBeth to me. Probably some hater 800 level player

    • Matthew Barker
      Matthew Barker

      I believe that was Paul calling his own throw trash.

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne

    Hole 16 the dudes hard as nails. staring straight at ob water and didn't flinch.

  • da324

    Does Paul put his index finger on the front of the rim when putting, or does he have it slightly under the lip?

    • Mihup Jenchad
      Mihup Jenchad

      Puts his finger slightly under the lip like a pouting supermodel

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    I think content like this is the future of post-produced disc golf. As more people watch live, there will be less of a demand for the next day full-card rounds and people will look for single player supercuts like this.

    • C B
      C B

      well thats what's on the pga

  • EdisonJames

    and he missed soooooo many shots

  • eltsdim

    Paul McBeth vids are my ffavorite

  • Runaway Jim
    Runaway Jim

    Wow. With a double bogey and a missed short putt on hole 2. Pretty incredible

    • Rave HD
      Rave HD

      Eh i can make way more double bogeys and miss even closer than him =)

    • Gambura Frälsaren
      Gambura Frälsaren

      Yeah he could have done even better thats hard to imagine lol

  • Kendall LaFavor
    Kendall LaFavor

    Hot round with a double?!?!?! Wow

  • The Cynic
    The Cynic

    This is where they were this weekend and no one filmed it. .....wait this is old

  • The Cynic
    The Cynic

    So I guess everyone stayed away from the goat because the best wysocki was their and they all have no chance of beating him.

  • Kendall LaFavor
    Kendall LaFavor

    Who dislikes this and why? Jealousy?

    • Kyle

      @Gatekeeper Media must be doing something right!

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Haters gonna hate.

  • Josiah Booth
    Josiah Booth

    Mcbeast at it again

  • shelby swarey
    shelby swarey

    Not bad

  • CooperE

    If you match someone’s shot then it becomes your turn because their shot was too easy right?

  • Sean Binder
    Sean Binder

    3 spit outs is a hard pill to swallow

  • Craig Lay
    Craig Lay

    Ricky is a bomber... but we’d need to see a showdown with Eagle, Simon, Barela, Guthrie, heimborg, ya know before

  • JD Brabant
    JD Brabant

    Adam is better at putting and Ezra is a more likable human being, and so is Brian.

  • Kalan Schat
    Kalan Schat

    Great vid! Make more of little games like these!

  • S.0.S

    Pretty boring footage...just saying.

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    There are many people I’d not wanna play in disc but hammes is probably top 3

    • herp derp
      herp derp

      Who does Adam top? Eagle? Ricky? Paul? Honest question

  • geefunk1026

    All those chain outs. Great content. Congrats on top 10 at Goat Hill Ezra!

  • picklemckflickle

    sadly this shows why Ezra isnt pushing for lead cards. Needs to really double down on his putting

  • Maxwe Beats
    Maxwe Beats

    To make this longer and more fair: befor the last letter it goes over to Ezras turn and you get to try one more time if you have one letter left

  • MK212074

    "Beautiful Emporia Kansas" hahaha, good one. we're in for some ACTUAL beauty now during west coast swing

  • Chet Duke
    Chet Duke

    this was cringy, idk.

    • Alan Lin
      Alan Lin

      I think it's because Hammes is kind of a square bear lol

  • S.0.S

    Imagine not being able to say "R" and then having 2 of them in your name.

  • Joe Burns
    Joe Burns

    Someone tell Ezra to stop flexing. Our boy is more shredded than a julian salad.