Welcome to our new series "Gatekeeper Classic" where we will be showcasing classic VHS and DVD disc golf coverage footage that has never been seen on the Internet.
We present the 2006 Marshall Street Disc Golf Championships MPO Skins Match at Maple Hill.
Thank you Maple Hill Disc Golf Course, Boda Brothers Games, and Steve Dodge for making this video possible.
Maple Hill Disc Golf Course
Boda Brothers Games
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  • Gatekeeper Media
    Gatekeeper Media

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  • Last first
    Last first

    18:47 oof

  • Kendall LaFavor
    Kendall LaFavor

    Commentary from an 80's sports blooper reel. Haha. Love it

  • chefdurs

    awesome to see how the course has changed

  • Stephen Daniels
    Stephen Daniels

    You'll never again see all four players throw backhand on hole #5 again.

  • Jenny & Craig Adventures
    Jenny & Craig Adventures

    As someone who’s only been playing 1.5 I’m curious how much discs have changed since this era.

    • 1989DiscGolfer

      I'm only an amateur, but I was most active from 1998-2001 then briefly 2005-06 again before taking 14 years off. Teebirds, Eagles, XL's were state of the art in the late '90s; what you'd call "Speed 7" today was just called a "long distance driver" back then. I think I remember seeing "Ultra long distance driver" on something you'd call a "fairway driver" now. By the early 2000's a transition was underway to wider-rimmed faster drivers. I'm not certain if the Wraith was available at this event but the PDGA approved Discs list says it was approved 8-15-05. "Speed 10" stuff was out, such at the Beast, Orc, Avenger. Discraft's Surge would be out the following year, and the Wraith would be very popular very quickly in 2006, so we're on the cusp of what I'd call truly fast stuff here in 2005. It would be another 2 years before the Destroyer debuted. All the coveted CE plastic drivers would have been around 4 years old at this point. Valkyries, Eagles, Teebirds... The Buzzz was in its second year by this point, as was the Challenger. Banger GT would be fresh very quickly after this. This is all a serious upgrade for Discraft over their MRV and Magnet in the short game department. The Rhyno was well established by this point. We're still a little ways from Pigs and Zones just yet, but we had our OS putt and upshot Disc in the form of the mighty Rhyno since like 1998. Harps wouldn't be around for a long time yet. Out-of-the-box understable putters weren't a thing yet, not that I can really remember. What we did was beat in our Aviars and Magnets for that slot in our bags. I still bag a REALLY beaten-in Soft Magnet from 1999 for extreme turnover short distance shots! We're a long way from Deputies here, that's for sure. So to answer your question, I believe you can say there are two major differences between now and 2005 when it comes to Discs in this video here. (1) The lack of anything faster than a Beast, Orc, or Avenger. It would be soon, though. (2) The relative lack of competition. It was still largely the Innova and Discraft show at this point. You're a couple of years away before any of Lat 64 stuff started trickling in and like 7 or 8 years away from Dynamic. Wizards were here but I don't remember seeing people throw much of anything else by Gateway even though some of their earlier stuff had been out for a few years. No Discmania just yet (it was launched by Innova the next year - I remember being turned off by their garish "Halloween" type graphics at first). Prodigy is like 8 years away. Yeah, Lightning had always been around but nobody serious threw much if any of their selections. Maybe in the mid '80s to early '90s, but that's like 1,000 years away from 2005 when it comes to the quality of what we had. DGA was here too, as was some Wham-O stuff, both of which (I think) were made by the major manufacturers anyway. A few people threw their stuff. I know Larry LaBond still putts with his 86 Softie to this very day. So for sure it was more primitive in 2005 than today. Despite this, I remember thinking in 2005 that all the new Discs "...are getting out of hand!" The flood of new innovations was just starting to trickle out. I was grumpy about it at first (I threw in the towel when young guys were showing up in Am-1 and bombing Wraiths 100 feet farther than my Teebirds) but now I love having the diversity of Discs (and WAY more courses!!) that we enjoy today. Hope you don't mind me prattling on like this here. You know how it is with us longtime Disc Golf enthusiasts...

  • Jeromy Caballero
    Jeromy Caballero

    This looks like it was shot in the 60s. Crazy how far coverage has come in such a short time.

    • Kendall LaFavor
      Kendall LaFavor

      I think the commentary gives it that feel also

  • Biz

    Is the camera man wearing orthopedic shoes with holes in them @ 18:56 ?

  • Biz

    Ole nut shot @ 18:22 lol

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      That had to hurt!

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    Someone put a sock in Dodge

    • Andrew Wolverton
      Andrew Wolverton

      As soon as you take the extra s out of your name.

  • MrGdelisser

    Wow, the putting is atrocious, and pretty much zero circle 2 putts made

    • Disc Blaster
      Disc Blaster

      @Christopher lucky i was still in diapers, grandpas lol

    • Christopher

      850 rated OP yikes, how do you key the words so confidently

    • Christopher

      Lucky for us you were busy that weekend

    • Disc Blaster
      Disc Blaster

      @Christopher musta been the conditions

    • Christopher

      I will admit I miss a 10ft tap in though lol still possibly my shortest miss on camera yessss!


    Who is this commentator?

    • JamesJames

      Steve Dodge


    I would love to see more videos from the vault!

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      We have plenty to share!

  • Andy Frydrych
    Andy Frydrych

    Watching this makes me wanna hug Jomez, GK, and Gatekeepers for today's media coverage! Not to mention it really makes me appreciate BigSexy and Big Jerm/Uli Commentary.. A MASSIVE THANK YOU!

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Crazy how far media has come.

  • N P
    N P

    Thanks for the awesome present!

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne

    the commentating is the best, so many quotable moments lol

    • Jenny & Craig Adventures
      Jenny & Craig Adventures

      I found it confusing when he’s say he’s got the birdie when a guy would get witching putting distance.

  • Heikki Isoniemi
    Heikki Isoniemi

    "That was some good stuff!" Agreed

  • hyzerponix

    The year I started playing. First driver was a Barry Schultz Champ Beast. Couldn't throw it worth a lick back then, lol.

  • Seryous

    Barry Shultz for the first skin, *miss* well, he'll be thinking about that one tonight.

  • CashCat 4Lyfe
    CashCat 4Lyfe

    Haha I know 2006 wasn't that long ago but for some reason this feels like a kind of 90's vibe

    • Christopher

      The quality doesn’t match the DVD...there’s an obvious loss of quality, but if there were better disc golf videos at the time, I’d be interested in them. The Dodges were moving the ball forward in the disc golf production department at the time. We’ve enjoyed an amazing surge of high quality content over the last 10yrs!

    • Aaron Mayhew 2.0
      Aaron Mayhew 2.0

      @creepypicture i agree. Much better.

    • creepypicture

      @Aaron Mayhew 2.0 honestly, a lot of late analog was way better quality than early digital, in both audio and video.

    • Aaron Mayhew 2.0
      Aaron Mayhew 2.0

      I was thinking kinda the same thing. Anything before 2012 feel old school like it was recorded on analog video equipment or something.

  • Michael Warner
    Michael Warner

    That's was an incredible watch. Amazing to see how much the course has changed

  • Wes Warren
    Wes Warren

    Merry Christmas!