2007 MSDGC ACE SKINS MATCH | Johansen, Brinster, Leiviska, Mela | GATEKEEPER CLASSIC
Welcome to our series "Gatekeeper Classic" where we will be showcasing classic VHS and DVD disc golf coverage footage that has never been seen on the Internet.
We present the 2007 Marshall Street Disc Golf Championships MPO Ace Skins Match at Maple Hill.
Thank you Maple Hill Disc Golf Course, Boda Brothers Games, and Steve Dodge for making this video possible.
Maple Hill Disc Golf Course
Boda Brothers Games
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Music by Jay Birdseye
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  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    Jesus, you really should put a Steve Dodge commentary warning on the thumbnail

    • Disc Blaster
      Disc Blaster

      @Gatekeeper Media i forgot for a minute, was soon reminded

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      You really should know by now that he was the producer of these videos.

  • Grizzly Wang
    Grizzly Wang

    this is damn near unwatchable, even with the legends involved. so glad we have the best commentators and amazing videography equipment now lol.

  • Jay Norris
    Jay Norris

    This was awesome

  • Daniel Adderley
    Daniel Adderley

    The split screen stuff is cool, they should reintroduce it

  • James Satchwill
    James Satchwill

    Starting @10:39 the announcer says MJ is dressed in Purple and Green, the colors of his "Homeland." What country has those colors? Dominica? His name is Scandinavian....heck I thought he was from Denver, NC.

    • James Satchwill
      James Satchwill

      @Nick Schumacher From 2004-2014 they were the Charlotte Bobcats and this is from 2007.

    • Nick Schumacher
      Nick Schumacher

      Charlotte Hornets colors

    • Daniel Adderley
      Daniel Adderley

      Don't states have colours, maybe too do with their football teams or something

  • Primos - Disc Golf & More
    Primos - Disc Golf & More

    Up until a few years ago, I had no idea disc golf existed. Only started playing with the cousins 6 months ago, but so glad I did. Cool seeing how much the game has grown!

  • Cooper Wigglesworth
    Cooper Wigglesworth

    being a newer follower to the pro disc golf scene, its wicked cool to find out cale has been killing it for so long i had no idea

  • Tom Daly
    Tom Daly

    Stopped watching the second I heard Steve Dodge's voice.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media


  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers

    You put MJ on. I watch. The best formula.