2007 MSDGC | Birdie Skins Match at Maple Hill Disc Golf Course | GATEKEEPER CLASSIC
Welcome to our new series "Gatekeeper Classic" where we will be showcasing classic VHS and DVD disc golf coverage footage that has never been seen on the Internet.
We present the 2007 Marshall Street Disc Golf Championships MPO Birdie Skins Match at Maple Hill.
Thank you Maple Hill Disc Golf Course, Boda Brothers Games, and Steve Dodge for making this video possible.
Maple Hill Disc Golf Course
Boda Brothers Games
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Music by Jay Birdseye
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  • David Harris
    David Harris

    Nicely done! Still enjoyed it today!

  • poondogxx

    Fun to see how much the course has changed with new pin positions and the Christmas trees are taller or smaller in different places of the course. Yet the course is still the same. Some day I'd love to play this course.

  • Alex Dragon
    Alex Dragon

    This announcer is 🔥🔥🔥 it's like every good throw is the first time he's seen a good throw

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media


    • I Am Zarekk
      I Am Zarekk

      He sounds like an EA Sports announcer from 2002 before consoles had the RAM to carry more than 128 recorded clips. I dig it. Get this guy to record a sound pack for Disc Golf Valley.

    • Calvin bruinsma
      Calvin bruinsma


    • Evan Losh
      Evan Losh

      Steve Dodge? He owns maple hill and has run the tournament forever.

  • Max Jenkins
    Max Jenkins

    Dang!... crazy how big of a different the production is now

  • Tero Civill
    Tero Civill

    First skin on me!