2020 DISC GOLF FAILS, BAD BREAKS & LOWLIGHTS | Gatekeeper Media | Wysocki, Jones, Lizotte, Koling
Thank you for tuning into the biggest heartbreaks from 2020. We wanted to share some of the fails and unfortunate breaks from the world's best. We are glad no one was hurt from the slipping on the course.
2021 is here and we are excited to announce our season soon!
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  • buzzzthrower555

    Try throwing the putter upside down in a head wind, can't get any lift when it's upside down

  • Miika Kontio
    Miika Kontio

    Oskari lowlights :D Poor guy

  • Stewart Bowers
    Stewart Bowers

    That one commentator sounds like the moose from Big Brother

  • B Herd
    B Herd

    That looked like one complete normal round from me.

  • moaso

    Here in finland oskari vikström missed 2m put :S

  • Squirrel Gray
    Squirrel Gray

    Poor Jerm.

  • Naeda Thoms
    Naeda Thoms

    Nice video. It was another reminder to me of how i prefer it when the companies rotate their announcers. I would much rather hear from Philo , Nate , Kevin , Luke , Brian , Tristan , Nathan (and many others..) throughout the season rather than just the same two guys all the time (which seems to be the new trend for some reason?)

    • Naeda Thoms
      Naeda Thoms

      Ok , there was one commentators voice i didn't recognize in my initial watch and my OCD wouldn't let me walk away. Noah Meintsma at GMC. ANOTHER guy i hope to hear again from at some point commentating this year. (Looks like honourable mention goes to Tom Earhart who commentated a round at Ledgestone but didn't make the highlight reel.)

  • stratedge

    It doesn't surprise me KJones has so many spit outs, he has a bad habit of driving the disc up high under the band with force from in close.

  • Christopher McCabe
    Christopher McCabe

    While I appreciate the video, I can’t watch it.

  • Jon Ole Laugerud
    Jon Ole Laugerud

    really heartbreaking to watch

  • Primos - Disc Golf & More
    Primos - Disc Golf & More

    This is how it feels everytime I'm out in the course. Actually hit center chains for a tough Ace a couple days ago and it fell out in front of the basket.

  • Juice Not
    Juice Not

    this could be a video of any random frisbee basket game, cause the entire activity is a fail

  • E. J. Duffy
    E. J. Duffy

    I fairly certain a huge mistake was made when it was decided discs ought to be round.

  • Bobby KGB
    Bobby KGB

    Anyone else want to just give Kevin Jones a big hug after watching this video??

  • Sethusk

    I feel this pain in my soul.

  • Billy Fairbank
    Billy Fairbank

    5:35 is 2020 in a nutshell... oof!

  • appidydafoo


  • Fredrik Nedestam
    Fredrik Nedestam

    It´s like watching myself play

  • Steven K
    Steven K

    Whoever watched the full thing is a psychopath

  • Andrew Prez
    Andrew Prez

    You guys missed my double roll away, round 2 at DGLO!

    • Andrew Prez
      Andrew Prez

      @Gatekeeper Media 7 and 10 after staying 6 under through 6 🤣

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Dang! Was it Hole 10?

  • JP Disc Golf
    JP Disc Golf

    Kevin feeling very attacked right now

  • Shawn Hill
    Shawn Hill

    Too much of that looks like one of my normal rounds.

  • Nathaniel Cummings
    Nathaniel Cummings

    Falling simon was amazing

  • Mobbin All Trails
    Mobbin All Trails

    Need more of these lol

  • Tony Joseph
    Tony Joseph

    When Philo retires from playing disc golf, he NEEDS to be a sports commentator! Any sport he did, I'd listen to his broadcasting.

    • mickywulla

      100% !!

  • Andreas Stam
    Andreas Stam

    Anyone see the face at 7:11 ?

  • Day One Disc Golf
    Day One Disc Golf

    It makes me feel not so much a failure when I miss a putt from 20 feet out. Thank you for this video much needed.... and Simon's shank well we've all been there.

  • David C
    David C

    KJ with the super low power release needs to be deadly accurate or it's spit city.

  • Ethan b
    Ethan b

    Kevin got robbed the most

    • Jouni Salminen
      Jouni Salminen

      @Timothy Helley Yep, that happens. Only Prodigy T2 baskets takes those.

    • Timothy Helley
      Timothy Helley

      He guns it at the chains and they spit it back out.

    • Jouni Salminen
      Jouni Salminen

      Too much power from that distance. You have to adapt your putt to different baskets and distance.

  • John Stubert
    John Stubert

    This will cause nightmares for me.

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    Seems like Kevin needs to go Nikko and spin putt the short ones, lol

    • Marty Modus
      Marty Modus

      I thought you were going to end this comment with an anger management comparison instead of a putting technique suggestion.

    • fuzziemunkey

      Yeah he pushes it so hard the chains push it back out when they rebound it seems.

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    I have zero sympathy for slipping. These dudes refuse to wear trail runners, try to play in sneakers, super annoying

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    God i love rollaways

    • Ron Jones
      Ron Jones

      Said everyone who has EVER played DeLaveaga.

    • Disc Blaster
      Disc Blaster

      @Adam K glad to hear it lol

    • Adam K
      Adam K

      I shot a 13 on a 200' hole in Massillon, OH because the basket was atop a steep dirt mound. All I could do was laugh or else I'd have chucked my whole bag into the river.

  • dropdeadmk2

    great editing.. enjoy hearing the commentators full thought about the shot and not get the clip cut.

    • Eric Richardson
      Eric Richardson


  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    I feel like Philo has found his calling as the best fail commentator lol

  • Tom Ahoks
    Tom Ahoks

    Dunno why I watch these, painful to watch.

    • Eric Richardson
      Eric Richardson

      They are. I very quickly started to feel bad for the guys. Especially those 3 putts. Not hating on the content, it’s nice to be reminded that they’re human too but, dang. Ouch.

  • Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel
    Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel

    I swear, there is NOTHING quite like hearing Philo's, "NO!" right when someone (namely KJ) misses a putt 🤣

    • Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel
      Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel

      @mickywulla Yes! 😂

    • mickywulla

      3:40 needs to be made into a notification alert 🤣

  • scott c
    scott c

    First 👍