2020 MUSIC CITY OPEN | FINAL RD, B9 | Harris, Clemons, Johnson, O'Reilly | DISC GOLF COVERAGE
Welcome to the official lead card coverage of the 2020 Music City Open. MCO will be home to the 2021 PDGA National Tour Finale. Competitors played at the very technical Cedar Hill Park DGC in Nashville, TN. We want to thank Music City Disc Golf and Dynamic Disc for making this coverage possible! Thank you to Ace Run Pro & Howard Disc Golf for providing additional footage in our multi-card coverage.
Alden Harris
Chris Clemons
Zackeriath Johnson
Connor O'Reilly
Chris Dickerson
Reid Frescura
Zach Melton
Justin Bunnell
Commentary by:
Brian Earhart & Sara Sinclair
Thumbnail Image by:
Alyssa Van Lanen
Additional footage provided by:
Ace Run Productions
Howard Disc Golf
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00:00 INTRO
01:00 HOLE 10
04:27 HOLE 11
06:40 HOLE 12
12:12 HOLE 13
14:13 HOLE 14
17:12 HOLE 15
20:56 HOLE 16
23:56 HOLE 17
28:09 HOLE 18
36:40 OUTRO
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  • Daniel Guzman
    Daniel Guzman

    @33:25 wide load

  • Eric Calhoun
    Eric Calhoun

    I can't believe they have 13 in the middle position! I played Cedar Hill and 13 was in the long position and it was sooooo hard - can't I watch pros suffer too?!?

  • 323tiim

    High tier coverage

  • Gil Elhart
    Gil Elhart

    I cannot stand the shrinking of the action to air obnoxious ads! Place them between holes, it's not hard to do.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      You mean the shrinking of tap outs? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Andreas Parsley
    Andreas Parsley

    ted talk

  • Tony Looper
    Tony Looper

    Brian and Sara were very strong on commentary- professional and insightful. I enjoyed watching this very much.

  • Frank

    Love the inclusion of the chase card and some FPO action along the way!

  • Morten Døssing Mortensen
    Morten Døssing Mortensen

    I know that it's been said many times before but I really wish you would show the scores all the time. I constantly forget who has how many strokes on who and I usually forget to look for it while they are putting out.

  • Jimmy Stuber
    Jimmy Stuber

    Best commentary out there!!! y’all are awesome.

  • Daniel

    Great commentary team.


    Absolutely love that y’all and Ace Run are working together! Keep up the great content

  • Christopher Mayone
    Christopher Mayone

    Excellent coverage! Where do I start. Brian is an AWESOME commentator. Just plain really good. His style is just right for DG. New ideas (chase card right behind the lead card coverage, cut-ins to FPO, Highlights within the round) are what will change our idea of how to watch DG and Gatekeeper is ROCKING it! Thank you SO much for giving us this coverage. Gotta keep it rolling😊

  • No Chain No Brakes
    No Chain No Brakes

    Great coverage. Thanks.

  • Jay King
    Jay King

    Congratulations Alden!!

  • Pierre Dole
    Pierre Dole

    Why O'Reilly was the last of this group? He doesn't have long hair! :D

    • Connor O'Reilly
      Connor O'Reilly

      @Pierre Dole 😉

    • Pierre Dole
      Pierre Dole

      @Connor O'Reilly Come on, it was a joke. :p

    • Connor O'Reilly
      Connor O'Reilly

      Disc golf doesn't discriminate;)

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez

    Good stuff

  • LucidDose

    "Star birdie"?

  • Tyler Bruce
    Tyler Bruce

    I want to throw 17 now after watching all those shots! How much power does it take to get there?

  • ryan johnson
    ryan johnson

    Damn! I'm no expert but it seems like you got it down production wise! Could you get the scores on the big box projection machine for us elders, we're having trouble keeping up.

  • Dustin Eggers
    Dustin Eggers

    I really enjoyed the montage on 17!

  • Brian Lammers
    Brian Lammers

    Ok I’ve watched an embarrassing amount of disc golf coverage and I’ve never heard of this guy. But! , Alden Harris... what an amazing win!! Super impressive poise down the stretch, knocking down some SICK putts!!! Congrats, my dude!!

  • JakobDiesDas

    super solid!!

  • Isidro Gonzalez
    Isidro Gonzalez

    Really enjoyed the video coverage, the commentary, and especially the montage of drives on hole 17 . Well done, Sara, Brian and the Dynamic Disc team.

    • Tony Looper
      Tony Looper

      I agree about the montage of drives on 17: if you enjoy disc golf, you probably enjoy watching the flight of good, long shots. That montage feeds the appetite.

  • StephenE

    I bet Melton whispered "Shake and Bake baby" as he congratulated Dickerson on the hole 18 step putt! 🤣

  • Infinimetrical

    Clemons lhbh walk-up form: 22:11 22:15

    • Infinimetrical

      Clemons lhfh form (Parks 415 foot hole 17.) 24:29

  • Infinimetrical

    Cart safety rule. Don't be afraid to give yourself some extra space between you and your cart.

    • N P
      N P

      I agree, smacking my hand off the handle doesn't feel too good either... Lol.

  • J Simo
    J Simo

    such pretty hair bonnets. lol

  • shmodizzley

    There’s so many little things you guys do graphically I just don’t agree with at all. Like when you show the mini “leaderboard” don’t do it for the card, do it for the whole tournament, it’s confusing as absolute fuck and impossible to track placements especially since y’all fuckin refuse to have a like card scorecard on the bottom.

  • shmodizzley

    The dude in the hat looks exactly like Theo Vaughn

    • Brian Gosnell
      Brian Gosnell

      That damn hamster bit gets me every time! Onward!

    • Connor O'Reilly
      Connor O'Reilly

      Who me?😅

  • Von Hyzerberg
    Von Hyzerberg


  • veepreekins

    3:32 Zack knew it from the second it left his hand!!

  • Suzanne Maeder
    Suzanne Maeder

    Amazing some pros didn't even finish in the top 10! Tough course!

    • Suzanne Maeder
      Suzanne Maeder

      @Green Wood I meant people who often make top ten didn't feature here. I was trying not to single any players with lots of lead card experience out.

    • Green Wood
      Green Wood

      I mean they’re all pros. It’s MPO coverage lol

    • Victor Herrera
      Victor Herrera

      Were there less than 10 pros in tournament?

  • Scott D
    Scott D

    Awesome round! Brian has a way of making up new terminology for describing shots! shove putts and hinging spin putts!

  • Dnl Tap
    Dnl Tap

    Great job Sara!

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    Damn Brian just be honest. No reason to sugar coat it. Hole 18 is a shit hole as is. Waiting for trees to come down naturally is a stupid plan.

  • Sue In Raleigh
    Sue In Raleigh

    What a nail biter, enjoyed it!!

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    I didn't know Theo Von played disc golf

    • Connor O'Reilly
      Connor O'Reilly

      @Cody Martin Haha after some Google searching I'd say that's true😅 Maybe I've got a new Halloween costume idea lol

    • Cody Martin
      Cody Martin

      @Connor O'Reilly LOL. I was referring to you. You do actually look like him a bit.

    • Connor O'Reilly
      Connor O'Reilly

      That directed at me or ZJ lol?🤣

  • redeye

    Congratulations and all but im surprised to see so many hugs at the end. Thanks for the coverage.

    • redeye

      @SamuraiMax do what you want but you won't be getting a hug from me.

    • SamuraiMax


    • TechN9ne 0G
      TechN9ne 0G

      Such woke

    • Chris Herber
      Chris Herber