2020 MUSIC CITY OPEN | RD2, B9 | Lutz, Dickerson, Clemons, Locastro | DISC GOLF COVERAGE
Welcome to the official lead card coverage of the 2020 Music City Open. MCO will be home to the 2021 PDGA National Tour Finale. Competitors played at the very technical Cedar Hill Park DGC in Nashville, TN. We want to thank Music City Disc Golf and Dynamic Disc for making this coverage possible! Thank you to Ace Run Pro & Howard Disc Golf for providing additional footage in our multi-card coverage.
Joey Lutz
Chris Dickerson
Chris Clemons
Nikko Locastro
Zackeriath Johnson
Eric Oakley
Nate Perkins
Reid Frescura
Commentary by:
Brian Earhart & Sara Sinclair
Thumbnail Image by:
Alyssa Van Lanen
Additional footage provided by:
Ace Run Productions
Howard Disc Golf
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00:00 INTRO
01:00 HOLE 10
04:46 HOLE 11
07:20 HOLE 12
10:25 HOLE 13
14:07 HOLE 14
17:33 HOLE 15
25:06 HOLE 16
27:53 HOLE 17
32:58 HOLE 18
38:03 OUTRO
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  • Alexander Bivolcic
    Alexander Bivolcic

    Solid job Sara and Brian

  • Alex Jacoski
    Alex Jacoski

    excellent coverage, appreciated sarah's commentary and loved the chase card check-in on previously played holes from lead card.

  • Seth Flynt
    Seth Flynt

    Step put at 29:30 looks a bit sketch lol

  • Rick Morty
    Rick Morty

    Proud of Nico for dressing like an adult.!

  • ColdBanana

    Disc clearly hits the ground ... "He nearly hit the ground that was so low!" Easy to miss while trying to do commentary. Just thought it was funny.

    • ColdBanana

      @Brandon Vo Oh, right. Well that does make more sense! Haha. I throw a lot of my forehands very low so that part of it didn't seem odd to me at all, but that does make sense.

    • Brandon Vo
      Brandon Vo

      I think it was about him physically almost hitting the ground being so low.

  • Neal Rasmussen
    Neal Rasmussen

    Don't leave your keys in the lock when carrying the basket. They're gonna slip out and if you don't hear em fall, good luck finding them. :)

    • Jeremy Boyd
      Jeremy Boyd

      sage advice...I had to look for the keys once when I did this...

  • Aaron Mayhew 2.0
    Aaron Mayhew 2.0

    Chris Clemons was crushing his shots. His throws look so smooth

  • Mike Schroeder
    Mike Schroeder

    I love that you guys are trying out new things with the chase card coverage n whatnot. I'm sure you'll get a lot of people saying it messes with the flow, especially with the dead air from the commentators a lot of the time. But those split screens while the lead group is putting out are fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  • lkjsdf1

    32:21 The Z melts turnover??? 😍 😍 😍

  • Jenny & Craig Adventures
    Jenny & Craig Adventures

    Seeing Chris Clemons and Chris Dickerson on the same card disproves my previous theory that they’re actually the same guy who just decides to play left-handed sometimes and right-handed sometimes.

    • Andy Anderson
      Andy Anderson


  • Tinchevy

    Chase Card check-ins are cool, probably don't need to see them putt out once they're all parked though. It makes the coverage drag a bit. The split screen was the best use of showing both.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Agreed. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Brian & Allison
    Brian & Allison

    Great commentary and I also like the chase/womens coverage! Not quite sold on the course though. While its beautiful too many holes seem to rely on luck or playing plinko to get a putt. Fun tournament though!

    • Sinclair Disc Golf
      Sinclair Disc Golf

      Thank you for the compliment on the commentary! It may not look like it on camera, but I think most holes on this course are fair with obvious fairways. Some trees definitely need to be taken out on the back half of hole 18. It's a new hold and they intend to do that for next year. Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly DG content! -Sara

  • Chill Okapi
    Chill Okapi

    Fantastic coverage. The check ins on the chase card/FPO card are excellent. Well done team


    The woman announcing this, her voice is very nice. It reminds me of Dottie Peppers from the lpga and Golf Channel. You have a future whoever you are!

    • Sinclair Disc Golf
      Sinclair Disc Golf

      @Tinchevy Ah thank you, but Steve works for UDisc now and it didn't make sense to continue. But you can get your weekly Sinclair dose by subscribing to our SVname channel!

    • Tinchevy

      @Sinclair Disc Golf You gotta do the podcast still somehow!

    • Sinclair Disc Golf
      Sinclair Disc Golf

      That's a huge compliment, thank you! I was the co-host of the PDGA Radio podcast for the past three seasons, unfortunately it has gone on possible permanent hiatus. But my husband and I put out tons of DG content, subscribe to our channel! -Sara Sinclair

  • spenser buck
    spenser buck

    Honestly, hole 10 being scored a par 3 should be the standard, every hole SHOULD be hard to par. Being able to shoot -32 is pretty insane. If you get an eagle on a par 4, that SHOULD be insane and only achieved by an absolutely flawless shot



  • critters and more
    critters and more

    Dickerson in that thumbnail makes me think of a sniper that's been without food and water for 4 days and finally gets to take the shot!! And hits his target like he always does

  • GolferOfDiscs

    Btw he totally hit the ground on the first tee

  • Ace Run Productions
    Ace Run Productions

    Had to grab one more piece of pie but here we are again.

    • Ace Run Productions
      Ace Run Productions

      @MoOdY JuJu Oh man that sounds amazing!

    • Derek Scull
      Derek Scull

      Pumpkin all day over here! 🤙🏻 local bakery does it right. Gotta support local business these days wherever you can!

    • Erick Janes
      Erick Janes

      Me pumpkin pie plain ass pumpkin pie. It'll be good

    • MoOdY JuJu
      MoOdY JuJu

      Me too! Well...cherry coffee cake

    • Erick Janes
      Erick Janes

      I haven't had a piece yet. Soon though