2020 MUSIC CITY OPEN | RD2, F9 | Lutz, Dickerson, Clemons, Locastro | DISC GOLF COVERAGE
Welcome to the official lead card coverage of the 2020 Music City Open. MCO will be home to the 2021 PDGA National Tour Finale. Competitors played at the very technical Cedar Hill Park DGC in Nashville, TN. We want to thank Music City Disc Golf and Dynamic Disc for making this coverage possible! Thank you to Ace Run Pro & Howard Disc Golf for providing additional footage in our multi-card coverage.
Joey Lutz
Chris Dickerson
Chris Clemons
Nikko Locastro
Zackeriath Johnson
Eric Oakley
Nate Perkins
Reid Frescura
Commentary by:
Brian Earhart & Sara Sinclair
Thumbnail Image by:
Alyssa Van Lanen
Additional footage provided by:
Ace Run Productions
Howard Disc Golf
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00:00 INTRO
01:00 HOLE 1
05:12 HOLE 2
09:41 HOLE 3
12:48 HOLE 4
16:02 HOLE 5
19:00 HOLE 6
24:39 HOLE 7
31:48 HOLE 8
37:14 HOLE 9
41:29 OUTRO
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  • Alex Klein
    Alex Klein

    How is hole one not a par 4?!

  • Alexander Bivolcic
    Alexander Bivolcic

    Brian knocking it out of the park as usual

  • Jason Moseley
    Jason Moseley

    Haven't watched yet but I bet this is a awesome card to watch.

  • Mike Kiesz
    Mike Kiesz

    loving the chase card stuff! Good work

  • Tyler Keiser
    Tyler Keiser

    Heaven forbid nikko keep his damn composure

  • juan gonzalez
    juan gonzalez

    Well done. Loving the snippets of chase card and FPO coverage.

  • Clint Nichols
    Clint Nichols

    As a lefty, I want to thank all the great lefty golfers and commentators for such great coverage! One question: Why does no one talk about how much more us lefties have to pay for left-handed discs? I feel like I'm getting robbed every time I search online for them...

  • Steve Rowland
    Steve Rowland

    As a Tennessee disc golfer, I want to thank Brian for the kind words on hole 4. I was already a fan but now a bigger one.

  • Brian Duffy
    Brian Duffy

    It's cool to see other cards within the one we're watching, but maybe only show the highlight shots from them instead of the entire hole? Would flow a lot better

    • Scott Hinkens
      Scott Hinkens

      I was thinking the same thing, cool thought but the highlights alone would be best for viewing.

  • Everett McDonald
    Everett McDonald

    “Joy from Nikko Locastro”, great way to start the round! Thanks Gatekeeper for the coverage.

  • Weraxed

    forehand k3 bergs!!

  • Christopher Fehl
    Christopher Fehl

    OMG! Nikko's put on Hole 1! Hot damn!

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez


  • Mountain New
    Mountain New

    Nikkos cheaterputts must be stopped. He is almost half way to the basket when he releases his so called step putts. This cancer will spread if the player community doesn’t do something about it.

    • hyserbomb

      @Mountain New Chris does the same thing, jumps his back foot before releasing the disc.

    • Mountain New
      Mountain New

      @Last first yeah, that is exactly why it have to be stopped. It is discgolf we Are playing. It is not figure skating or snowboard big air.

    • Last first
      Last first

      It's too close to call on most step putts.

  • Nero Schnee
    Nero Schnee

    Everyone else: "branch" Americans: "bränch" 🤔

  • Kendall Clukey
    Kendall Clukey

    looks like the drone was crowding the guy playing #9 at 37:35!

  • Suzanne Maeder
    Suzanne Maeder


  • no_name

    These embedded ads are just as annoying as SVname ads.

    • no_name

      @brian6speed I plan to, dummy!

    • brian6speed

      cry more whiner


    love the coverage boys. Thank you casters!

  • dennis moniz
    dennis moniz

    beardless oakley kinda looks like Yeti.

  • dennis moniz
    dennis moniz

    Nikko looks like he's straight outta compton.

    • Daniel Adderley
      Daniel Adderley

      I saw a disc golfer with a t-shirt that said Straight Outta Bounds.

  • MoOdY JuJu
    MoOdY JuJu

    Nikko just doesn't look the same w/ regular pants on

  • Conner Loes
    Conner Loes

    Nose angle compared to wing angle I've been playing a long time but never heard this nose for left end of disc for rbh? Wing for right end?

    • Brian Davis
      Brian Davis

      I thought nose was front to back angle and wing left to right angle? I feel like that's definitely what nose angle is although I haven't heard wing angle much.

  • DG

    Sarah double jinxed Brian...nice. 6:59

    • Sinclair Disc Golf
      Sinclair Disc Golf

      Haha had to!

  • Evan Matocha
    Evan Matocha

    Skip to 37:54. you’ll thank me later

    • MoOdY JuJu
      MoOdY JuJu

      And miss all the buttery goodness?

    • micah_lee

      It was a good drive, what am I missing? Is that it?

  • Eric

    Send IT!

  • David Bardell
    David Bardell

    Closed caption on remember lol