2020 PHILADELPHIA OPEN | FINAL RD | Fish, Coefer, Villa, Williams | DISC GOLF COVERAGE
Welcome to the final round of the 2020 Philadelphia Disc Golf Open! Philly Open is played at the historic Sedgley Woods. Philly Open is played on a temporary safari layout.
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  • Gatekeeper Media
    Gatekeeper Media

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    • I Love Animated Movies
      I Love Animated Movies

      Champion Krait😊

    • Dustin Welch
      Dustin Welch

      The Teebird - it's a classic for a reason.

    • Wes Warren
      Wes Warren

      Comment 100. The XD is my favorite putter to the day, it’s all about putting, ya ? 1140 feet I threw it straight as an arrow down hole four in Wallace Idaho at silver mountain resort. 1180 hole. Best friend was there and the lifties were jumping for joy watching from the chairlift shack :-)

    • Italian Eleven
      Italian Eleven

      Star Colt! It does everything.

    • Trevor Scheibe
      Trevor Scheibe

      Champ Boss R.I.P. Pinky 😿

  • Benjamin Geise
    Benjamin Geise

    coefer was falling apart good to see him get it going in the end

    • Benjamin Geise
      Benjamin Geise

      I take that back how did he make lead

  • Jason Brakoniecki
    Jason Brakoniecki

    Gotta love the sounds of the motorcycles on hole 5 and the screeching train on hole 6... classic Sedgley ambience.

  • nolan gherity
    nolan gherity


  • philip clift
    philip clift

    A green Frisbee ? Pfft

  • Matt McCabe
    Matt McCabe


  • Spenser Balog
    Spenser Balog

    Excited to watch this tournament! Ever since the pro tour ended I’ve been itching for more coverage. I love my champion mako3 but would love a mid range with a little fade! Love the splatter plastic on the Roc3

  • Leland Gonzales
    Leland Gonzales

    Loving the course layout! Downed trees and technical lines create some nice disc golf coverage

  • Philip Astolfi
    Philip Astolfi

    Love seeing these guys tear up my home course!!! Fish is a woods wizard!!

  • NickNyen

    My favorite mold is firebird mold

  • John Simons
    John Simons

    always cool to watch some good players outshot me playing even if I play blues

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Same hahaha

  • Byrdboi1

    I’ve been hungry for more disc golf coverage!

  • David Knapp
    David Knapp

    Keep up the great coverage

  • Destin Seese
    Destin Seese

    this is the lead card??? Just kidding this course looks insane. I don't think I could ever shoot even on this course.

  • Michael Yahner
    Michael Yahner

    anyone else wonder how that chicken of the woods was just hanging out on hole 4?

  • JockOfTheBushveld

    28:49 - Lesson for all players from Fish: If you’re not feeling the putt, just step away for a second and then step up and just bang it!

  • Anthony Byrnes
    Anthony Byrnes

    My go-to Innova mold would have to be the Aviar3. It has been a staple in my bag for on a rope up shots and stand -still drives.

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    here from insty. stoked to watch this tourny

  • Curtis Bugbee
    Curtis Bugbee

    Shout out to FSW and Coef. Super fun club and course and all who disagree are just wrong. UHEARME

  • Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams

    Great coverage yet again. More regional play!!

  • Michael Costello
    Michael Costello

    Great round, great layout too. Great video quality

  • Andrew Scrivo [Wynn ES]
    Andrew Scrivo [Wynn ES]

    course looks tough

  • Gambura Frälsaren
    Gambura Frälsaren

    The background noise makes me confused wether its besides an F1 track or a sawmill

    • Dan Reiley
      Dan Reiley

      train tracks & philly

  • kylesim8

    This course looks.... unenjoyable

  • Jason Icenhower
    Jason Icenhower

    Gstar Boss 175 all day!

  • Raikage

    Not a fan of watching this course played lol

  • Matt Renn
    Matt Renn

    where"s Brian and AJ on commentary

  • Jon Jenkins
    Jon Jenkins

    Love the coverage you guys do keep it up 🙌🙌🙌🙌🤟

  • Jaren Baltus
    Jaren Baltus

    Looking forward to the tour season!

  • lkjsdf1

    After seeing only hole 1 and 2 there's no way I'm ever playing this course. Looks sooo punishing! Get the whole pro tour out here!

    • Phil Proteau
      Phil Proteau

      @lkjsdf1 If you ever go you can play the blue tees, they are all about 190 ft, easy peasy.

    • lkjsdf1

      On hole 18. Maybe I could play this one.

    • lkjsdf1

      On hole 12. I have totally stolen Fish's step-off-the-putt routine.

    • lkjsdf1

      On hole 8. "I'll take gaps I could hit in 100 tries, Ken." R.I.P. Trebek

    • lkjsdf1

      On hole 6. How is Fish missing every gap (to my untrained eye) but making it farthest down the fairway??

  • Ericsson Bissell
    Ericsson Bissell

    Fish is definitely one of my favorite players to watch. so smooth and just seems like a great guy

    • Ericsson Bissell
      Ericsson Bissell

      @Yakov Koman Damn didn't know there were snowflakes in the disc golf comments

    • Yakov Koman
      Yakov Koman

      He seems like a SJW so he can’t be that great of a guy.

  • Amateur Hour DiscGolf
    Amateur Hour DiscGolf

    insane course!!

  • Maxwell Stayton
    Maxwell Stayton

    Sheeshhh talk about a wooded course... Fish tore it up, though!

  • Carl Pledger
    Carl Pledger

    Enjoyed the sounds of the game. Your commentary is usually very enjoyable, but this was very calming.

  • Adam Jimenez
    Adam Jimenez

    Rad! Was a fun tourney! That roc 3 is DOPE!

  • Peterisheree

    One of the most insane courses I've seen. Granted I'm only a year into the sport, but good lord these fairways are gnarly.

    • Justin Talley
      Justin Talley

      This is my home course and it’s honestly not as crazy as it seems. There really is only one hole that is a challenge. The rest are easy par 3

  • Daniel Connochie
    Daniel Connochie

    Miss philly and sedgley!

  • Jeffrey Lord
    Jeffrey Lord

    Them boys sure can rip it!

  • vJacks stacks
    vJacks stacks

    F%^# Fish. He's a loser.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Idk, he’s pretty cool in our book!

  • Leon Puzon
    Leon Puzon

    Man I can shoot 14 down on that course...in my dreams...lol

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    Next time you need a local commentary guy for PA disc golf, hit me up!

    • Nathan Johnson
      Nathan Johnson

      @Gatekeeper Media Oh I agree, just throwing my hat in the ring ;)

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Sometimes it’s nice to just let the coverage breath

  • Warmpancakes

    Love watching Fish play. Really enjoyed the solo round he did a lil while back!

  • Casey Brooks
    Casey Brooks

    Go fish!

  • Phil Schuit
    Phil Schuit

    Firebird 🔥

  • Scott Beeks
    Scott Beeks

    Loved the coverage!! But it definitely needs commentary. 😄

  • K Ped
    K Ped

    Yaaa SEDG!!!

  • MidWest Huckkers
    MidWest Huckkers

    So excited to see more coverage. Cant wait to see what this year has in store also i love the g star boss.

  • BZ Wrestler
    BZ Wrestler

    Love the coverage!

  • Alex Barday
    Alex Barday

    Go birds

  • Frank Finno
    Frank Finno

    Since I have discovered the teebird3 it has quickly become my favorite go to driver. Would love to let it fly on this course!

  • E Com
    E Com

    Let's Go Fish! instagram for the giveaway entry: e_comisac

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Dope video!!

  • Alexander Boeri
    Alexander Boeri

    Nice coverage you guys. Keep it up 👍😃

  • veepreekins

    this is mad boring without commentary

    • veepreekins

      @Chris Krause nice attempt at humor

    • Chris Krause
      Chris Krause

      Don’t mad watch


    damn this course plays so hard from the reds. I can't imagine trying to shoot from them.

    • Ludo Ludowski
      Ludo Ludowski

      Yes it does. I bet some ppl are scratching their heads at 360 ft. Par 4s lmao.

  • Manny Macias
    Manny Macias

    Thanks for the coverage, I've been antsy for new disc golf coverage

  • mies 22
    mies 22