2020 STAFFORD OPEN | FINAL RD, B9 | Johansen, Fish, Bell, Villa | MIC'D UP COMMENTARY
Welcome to the third year we have provided coverage for the Stafford Open. This year is a little different as we mic'd up Andrew Fish and used his audio instead of recording commentary post round. You will hear the sounds of the game as well as the a little insight into Fish's game. Next year Stafford will be part of the 2021 DGPT Silver Series.
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00:00 INTRO
01:00 HOLE 10
03:14 HOLE 11
06:44 HOLE 12
09:33 HOLE 13
11:49 HOLE 14
14:02 HOLE 15
17:55 HOLE 16
21:39 HOLE 17
24:51 HOLE 18
28:19 OUTRO
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  • Dan Mossay
    Dan Mossay

    This was great. I do like commentary, but with so many channels out there, its nice to mix it up. I miss the mcflysohigh days where u could kick back and listen to the wind, birds chirping, random comments from the players, discs hitting trees.

  • Joseph Browning
    Joseph Browning

    Absolutely love the difference in no commentary, I found myself deeply engaged and narrating it myself instead of relying on commentators to tell the story. It helped that MJ, Fish, and Bell were on the card, some definite favorites. Incredible coverage, I look forward to more rounds like this! Maybe with all the players mic'd up!

  • Christopher Spear
    Christopher Spear

    I like the concept but without commentary I think it would work even better with multiple players being mic'd up

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      That’s always at the discretion of the players. Some don’t mind the mic, others want no part of it, which is understandable .

  • Zachary Hoy
    Zachary Hoy

    Great choice on the no commentary mic'd up. I like this option. Great coverage. Looks like a great course. OB stakes are marked beautifully too.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Thanks a lot Doc! 🤙

  • Christopher Mayone
    Christopher Mayone

    I just can't say there's anyone I respect more than MJ as a player for the manner in which he goes about his business. He is just an excellent model for any young player in the game. A lot of the older players might do well to have a look at MJ's style as well. Jus' sayin'

  • Dave Prue
    Dave Prue

    I liked the hole stats and player ratings shown, great job!

  • Peter Mobius
    Peter Mobius

    If I hear 'Bigup' over-mic'ed one more time I'm gonna....

  • Benjamin Bidlack
    Benjamin Bidlack

    Andrew Fish on the mic!! Best reactions and flavor commentary in disc golf!! Mellow, awesome card-mate and sportsman on the outside, fiercely high standards for himself on the inside. Incredible playing by these mofos. Great coverage from Gatekeeper as always.

  • Maxwell Stayton
    Maxwell Stayton

    MJ the most buttery player on tour

  • Tyler Bruce
    Tyler Bruce

    That last putt MJ made for the win scared me a little. nice to watch some DG on Xmas! Thanks!

  • englishcat19

    Love MJ, great to see him beat the young pups

  • danielcockerspaniel

    Moser caddying for fish?

    • Ryan Chudd
      Ryan Chudd

      ya buddy

    • Scott Lewis
      Scott Lewis


  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers

    After how crappy 2020 has been, getting to watch MJ play on Christmas means so, so much. Thank you, Gatekeeper!!!

  • Zach Fagan
    Zach Fagan

    What bag is MJ using???

    • Lou Brown
      Lou Brown

      Upper Park Designs Shift V6

  • Rich Reigny
    Rich Reigny

    Just a few too many "Ya Buddy".

    • Biz

      There ya go

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed

    I do like the mic'ed up versions, just wish I knew if possible what discs were being thrown. I actually learn a lot from that. This was great though, almost felt like a part of the group playing 18. Made me want to get out, even though it's like 36F and raining... Thanks for posting this up! Thanks to the camera people who always do a great job capturing the action, you do a great service to disc golf.

  • Alec Eckert
    Alec Eckert

    How bout MJ eagle look on 17 wow

    • Elliot Boutell
      Elliot Boutell

      ikr, I saw him tap back in for birdie, and I was like "wait a second..."

  • Everett McDonald
    Everett McDonald

    Whole video was great until the end. Michael wins, one guy gives him a little fist bump and it over, like nothing happened.

    • Ferrel M
      Ferrel M

      I'm glad he won! Seems much more humble than the fish guy lol

  • Marijn Vorsters
    Marijn Vorsters

    This sucks without commentary...

    • lkjsdf1

      @Marijn Vorsters You must be new to their channel? They have lots of that.

    • Marijn Vorsters
      Marijn Vorsters

      Add a catchcam buddie and they will quadrouple....

    • Marijn Vorsters
      Marijn Vorsters

      You get some deasant commentator & your subscribers will double... Just saying....

    • lkjsdf1

      Dude. What do you hope to accomplish with this comment?

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Sounds like a personal problem.

  • dusty diedrich
    dusty diedrich

    Bells putting stroke is buttery

    • WC 'Strawberry' Fields
      WC 'Strawberry' Fields

      Really? Always thought he looked disjointed and jerky for such a world class putter. Oh well.

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    Maybe if fish took off that stupid mask...

    • lkjsdf1


    • Disc Blaster
      Disc Blaster

      @Phillip Lee Karen

    • Phillip Lee
      Phillip Lee


  • NADA

    Fish would be one of my favorite players to play with.

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    Luckily for these guys i was busy that weekend

  • Sue In Raleigh
    Sue In Raleigh

    Good win MJ!! Nice course. 👍

  • 77 Nizzova
    77 Nizzova

    Rats!!!!! Starbackwards!!!!! Nice win MJ!!!!

  • marscruz

    Everyone on the card was playing really good. Villa is slicing up the woods and draining big putts. Thirteen down... dang. Moser giving great advice to Fish on the best lines to the basket. They all were putting "lights out" all day. A pleasure to watch. A great woods course that has fair fairways and complicated lines with no crazy stupid OB lines needed for drama. Just all around sweet disc golf with some amazingly good play. Thanks! I ordered some hats and a hoodie from DGOE. Nice.

  • dustin fisher
    dustin fisher

    I love that dirty hippie