Calvin Heimburg Shoots a 52(-12) at the DGPT Jonesboro Open (1073 RATED DISC GOLF ROUND)
During the first round of the 2020 Jonesboro Open, Calvin Heimburg was on our morning feature card at the Disc Side of Heaven. This episode Vinny shoots a hot 1073 round of 52(-12). You can find the full coverage below:
Every Tuesday we will release a compiled round of some of the best golf we've ever capture. These videos will vary between no commentary, coverage commentary, and an inside look with the pro commentary.
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  • Mike Pitts
    Mike Pitts

    This was really put together well & very enjoyable to watch. Thank you so much. I had no idea Calvin threw like this. Hopefully, good things are in store for him.

  • jerad stump
    jerad stump

    I've been watching a lot of disc golf lately and would love to play a round with a lot of them, mostly Calvin. Might I suggest doing an auction bid to play a round with a pro, perhaps a doubles tournament with the highest bidding person, perhaps for charity? Might sound far fetched but these guys are elite and in my area, finding this talent is unheard of, let alone to play with.

  • beastlypenguin1

    Why do you put the same snippet of one song over every single hole preview?

  • Bobby KGB
    Bobby KGB

    Absolutely star struck last weekend, when I was playing on one of my local courses, and Calvin walked by, and started playing the hole two in front of me!!! He was super nice.

  • David Harris
    David Harris

    How about Hole 14, geeeez!

  • Taylor Boyle
    Taylor Boyle

    This felt almost naked without snippets of commentary

  • E Newm
    E Newm

    He could have easily shot -15.

  • JamesJames

    Love these single player rounds! Hoping all recorded hot rounds in '21 get their own edit.

    • JamesJames

      @Gatekeeper Media great news! Have fun out there

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Thanks! We plan on posting a lot more of these style of videos.

  • Lee Lijg
    Lee Lijg

    Man to watch in 2021. Calvin is one of the best!!!!

  • Joshua Horner
    Joshua Horner

    Calvin’s Awesome! Straight baller. Love everything about his game.

  • HaikesXO

    12:02 wtf this is insane

    • Sam Howl
      Sam Howl

      How? It was a severely downhill hole at a little over 500 feet. Have to throw a 400 foot shot, which is a bomb for an average guy, but nothing special among pros.

  • peddi pankaj
    peddi pankaj

    god, his long drives are amazing...

  • J Simo
    J Simo

    he looks like a bartender throwing a bar napkin on the bar when he puts

  • James Hammond
    James Hammond

    Calm down Calvin!

  • Daniel Barr
    Daniel Barr

    Wait THE Calvin Heimberg is going what hunting after his -12 round???

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed

    It's great to see the back to back shots from Calvin on that one. I remember watching that thing and he played the same as if he were having a bad round. That's what I like about Calvin, he really has it mentally, and things like that one bogey don't seem to bother him. At least he doesn't outwardly display his like or dislike of any shots usually.

  • Micro Scope
    Micro Scope

    That birdie on 14 tho. Kid is amazing to watch!!

  • John Cook
    John Cook

    How is a disc golf round rated?

    • Sam Howl
      Sam Howl

      It is not fully known. The pdga keeps the exact method a secret to discourage manipulation of the rating system.

  • Nathan Haskell
    Nathan Haskell

    That'll do

  • Michael Dwyer
    Michael Dwyer

    2021 disc golf goal: Learn how to put the pizza in the oven like Calvin.

  • Greater Future
    Greater Future

    The thumbnail of Calvin needs glowing red eyes

  • VIDEOsverigeNU

    I can never get tired of watching Calvin sink long putts.

  • frisbeephil

    Hole 18, Calvin : Ah, turned it. 2 seconds later and 150 feet up the fairway disc finally lands. Trees are not a problem.

  • Jack Squat
    Jack Squat

    I think Calvin at his best beats everyone else at their best... Hopefully he can stay at that level and win multiple tournaments this year... he sure is fun to watch.

    • peddi pankaj
      peddi pankaj


    • Cole Martin
      Cole Martin

      I agree. I’ve been saying he’s the next big dawg coming for that number 1 rating. His putt is great. His upshots are great. His drives can be deadly accurate. Just a solid player all around.

  • southern smokey 7100
    southern smokey 7100

    His insane drive 500plus feet straight at it 💯

  • Cooper Wigglesworth
    Cooper Wigglesworth

    his 2020 was already insane, but somehow still can see him being better in 2021! excited to watch him this year

    • VIDEOsverigeNU

      Me too. Plus, Conrad with MVP Discs will also be very interesting to follow

  • AJ Farber
    AJ Farber

    His drive on 14 💰💸💵🤑

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      One of our favorite shots from the season!

  • Earl Thomas
    Earl Thomas

    What's interesting is how many shots he didn't like and still shot a -12. I say the same stuff about my shots and end up closer to +12.

  • Timothy O'Connor
    Timothy O'Connor

    Calvin and Eagle are of the prototypical disc golf build IE Climo / Stokely... excited to watch them continue to dominate on into the future

  • agnaeus

    u sped up the drone shots, nice.

  • Kevin

    FYI, the hole preview music gets really repetitive by hole 7 or so.

    • Sam Howl
      Sam Howl

      Big facts

    • Jordan Mitchell
      Jordan Mitchell

      I’ve just been muting it for those shots. Drives me insane. Can still hear it in my head

  • Dan Cornellier
    Dan Cornellier

    This kid might be pretty good someday.

    • Sam Howl
      Sam Howl

      @Dan Cornellier smoked him. Good job bro.

    • Corey U
      Corey U

      @StoKo Disc Golf some people are just slow. Its ok lil buddy. No one knows you either. Lol

    • Cole Martin
      Cole Martin

      I know Dan. I see him right there. He’s a great guy.

    • Destin Seese
      Destin Seese

      @StoKo Disc Golf We love it when someone misses an obvious joke.

    • Dan Cornellier
      Dan Cornellier

      @StoKo Disc Golf this very clearly went well over your head. Wave goodbye to it.

  • D Lemieux
    D Lemieux

    Calvin sinks a 40 ft putt. Then walks up to retrieve the disc as if he's on his way to go do his taxes.

    • Tony Joseph
      Tony Joseph

      Calvin sinking a 40 footer is like a master mechanic changing a wheel bearing. Might be difficult for some (quite a few) but for someone of that level, they can do it in their sleep.