Welcome to our first ever mixed gender doubles skins match presented by Scorpion Disc Golf. We took 8 players from the DGPT Championship at Hornet's Nest DGC and played 10 holes worth $100 per hole. Competitors were randomly picked and will be playing alternate shot doubles.
Teams are as follows:
Holly Finley & Andrew Marwede
Vanessa Van Dyken & Nathan Queen
Sarah Hokom & Philo Brathwaite
Rebecca Cox & Gregg Barsby
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Music by Jay Birdseye
Thumbnail Images by Alyssa Van Lanen
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00:00 INTRO
00:52 HOLE 2
05:40 HOLE 4
11:02 HOLE 7
17:10 HOLE 10
22:08 HOLE 12
27:24 OUTRO
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  • christopher Reynolds
    christopher Reynolds

    Quite possibly the BEST COVERAGE OF ANY DISC GOLf ROUND i've ever witnessed! Amazing video quality!.If I i may,I was hitting up Gregg for paid lessons prior to his assencion at a lowly SunSet Park years ago in front of his sponsors truck.... Clearly a world class competitor, on another level. Sold on his excellent take on DG, what a great fellow golfer he must B. Hats off to Sarah, Greg, Philo and Nathan Q and this whole card..ALL GOLD MEDALIST'S when DG goes Olympic,

  • Dave Munsie
    Dave Munsie

    Sarah's photo in the thumb... you could have done better GM.

  • GRiiNCH xx
    GRiiNCH xx

    Go philo!!!

  • beeter10

    Anyone else notice the guys on hole 7 when the drone flew over?? 😅

  • Andrew Wolverton
    Andrew Wolverton

    Tell me I'm not the only one who (on tee 4) shouted out Hogan! when the doggo appeared. Ok maybe I am.

  • TanMan

    Its tough to watch this as my home course is currently under a foot of snow.

  • David Clamp
    David Clamp

    So cool! Thanks for the nice coverage and off-season content to get us through until next year.

  • Family Man Disc Golf
    Family Man Disc Golf

    Seeing Gregg strategizing with Rebecca and cheering her on was my favorite part! This was so awesome!

  • Dentist in East Grand Forks Minnesota
    Dentist in East Grand Forks Minnesota

    All day. I could hardley notice barsby.

  • Mando Brown
    Mando Brown

    Yooo, it's been crazy to see Rebecca basically completely change her backhand form. I've got no doubt that once she gets it locked it she'll start getting on more lead cards.

  • Gabe Contreras
    Gabe Contreras

    How come they like holding putters on their off hand while putting?

    • Sauli Ruottu
      Sauli Ruottu

      If you practice with disc on your off hand, it feels usually better to do so in other situation as well. It is a different feel if you try both ways.

    • Greg S
      Greg S

      Its just habit. When most players practice putt they have a stack of putters in their off hand and feed their putting hand. It just carries over from from practice to all the time.

  • Young Mind
    Young Mind

    Great skins match of alternative dubs!

  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark

    I think I remember seeing Barsby and Rebecca on some mixed doubles content from a few years ago as well. Def helped em get that first $300! haha

  • Deputy Smoke
    Deputy Smoke

    forgot how nice it is to watch nathan Queen

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez

    Good stuff

  • Adam Papaik
    Adam Papaik

    love seeing the cookie monster munching the cookies on hole 4! We Hit Them!!! nice put Andrew Marwede

  • Unsilenced Dissenter
    Unsilenced Dissenter

    Anything with Barsby gets the immediate thumbs up!

  • likewhoa

    I'd love to play a round with Greg, dude's energy is infectious.

    • mscudde2

      Mind if I hop on the card?

  • Raymond Vorndran
    Raymond Vorndran


  • Jujitsu Majors
    Jujitsu Majors

    Definitely good to have it nice and quiet.

  • sk33t

    Philo always has the coolest shorts

    • travis williams
      travis williams

      This ^^^

  • Moomasterq

    did not expect 10:22

  • Daniel Adderley
    Daniel Adderley

    The drone flights always look really compressed for me, as though they're compressed more than once. Seems like it happens on all disc golf videos, not sure why

  • rob isselbaecher
    rob isselbaecher

    Anybody else think about Eagle McMahon on hole 4?

    • Tommy

      I think about that every night

  • Adam K
    Adam K

    Man, that one lady's sidearm makes me cringe! It's damn good, but awkward as hell.

    • Caribou

      lol "that one lady" is 2 time world champion Sarah Hokum. But yes, its some interesting form for sure. very effective though.

    • Phillip Lee
      Phillip Lee

      Her putting form to. Crazy!

    • Raikage

      haha, yeah that's Sarah Holkom X'D. Most definitely one of the most unique and recognizable styles across both playing fields.

  • Biz

    Cookie Monster doing cookie things.

    • Biz

      @Andrew Marwede do you always have cookies on the ready??

    • Andrew Marwede
      Andrew Marwede


    • Tommy

      It took me like 10 minutes to understand and then I laughed so hard remembering your comment!

  • Deputy Smoke
    Deputy Smoke

    great selection of ladies to watch!

  • David Bardell
    David Bardell

    please closed caption thank you. Gatekeeper Media

  • Derek Scull
    Derek Scull

    It was an absolute blast working on this project! Thank you Scorpion Disc Golf for putting this on, and a special thank you to all the players who participated! 🙏🏻

  • Chris Sunde
    Chris Sunde


  • xbrucexx