James Conrad Ties the Course Record 48(-13) at Brewster Ridge (1090 RATED DISC GOLF ROUND)
During the first round of the 2020 Green Mountain Championships we captured James Conrad shooting a 48(-13) at Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course. James shot an official 1090 rated round on the par 61 course. You can find the full coverage below:
Every Tuesday we will release a compiled round of some of the best golf we've ever capture. These videos will vary between no commentary, coverage commentary, and an inside look with the pro commentary.
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  • The Cynic
    The Cynic

    Can we nickname conrad skipper

  • krow mon
    krow mon

    James "Thanks.." Conrad

  • Wes

    That unbridled rage on hole 16 lol

  • chance wallace
    chance wallace

    Must be nice to be wealthy and have a background to tour

  • Jim Plattes
    Jim Plattes

    James is a master of the hyzer flip!! His skills inside the circle are second to none.

  • James Bone
    James Bone

    Innova is going to wish they treated James better

  • wargerschaager

    What’s he doing at 10:45? They’ve got fishing line or something?

  • Eric Livesay
    Eric Livesay

    Where's the actual round 1 video? I don't want to watch a spoiler before I see the video. Now there's no point to watch the actual round.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      There’s a link in the description of the video.

  • Ben Longbottom
    Ben Longbottom

    13 down with a bogey is just bonkers

  • Matthew Garofalo
    Matthew Garofalo

    Pride of the Old Dominion.

  • Oatmeal

    why does James always cause heartbreak

  • bubba watson
    bubba watson

    I heard his nickname was taxi before his hair grew out, covering his doors open(ears size of car doors) also hes my favorite player.. being funny, no wimps no whiners.

  • Dan Cornellier
    Dan Cornellier

    James has a very legitimate shot at being the best in the world if he could develop a great sidearm.

  • Black Asphire
    Black Asphire

    Legendary 🔥

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson

    Great throws and superb putting!

  • Joshbobjovi

    Anyone know what he threw on 14? I thought Firebird but that rim looks a lot bigger to me.

  • Jason Blackburn
    Jason Blackburn

    James seems like a super nice guy.

  • Jesse Larson
    Jesse Larson

    Was that a putter on 430 ft hole 12? Absolutely parked

  • Jason Tokio
    Jason Tokio

    I remember my first -13 at Brewster ridge...then I woke up.

  • awhislyle

    So many of the pros have amazing playstyles, but James Conrad is just special. There is no one I want to be able to play like more than him.

  • megamrsoftee

    This no commentary, single player round in under 15 minutes is incredible. I hope yall can do more like this

  • Mike Don
    Mike Don

    I would easily beat that score IF i had 50-100 mulligans. Absolutely extraordinary played of one of the best discgolfers in the world! Thanks for charing!

  • ghosTrunner

    Nearly perfect! What an accomplishment man!

  • Drew Robinson
    Drew Robinson

    Getting a birdie from that drive on 2 was nuts

  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark

    Man, I'm going to be so bummed out if James isn't going to MVP. Love MVP and love James. :) With the throwing putters they already have, with James' name on em it'd be like printing money.

  • Aaron Ramer
    Aaron Ramer

    That rock at 1:54 left of the basket looked like a dying animal

  • Mateo

    How could anyone downvote james conrad? Amazing and wholesome disc golfer. Couldnt be me.

  • Jenny & Craig Adventures
    Jenny & Craig Adventures

    Those 400’ park jobs on 12 and 15 were unreal.

  • i am
    i am

    James 🥂 amazing round! You throw some truly aesthetically beautiful lines. You were in that elusive zone... many the returns...Happy trails in 2021

  • insanzeforlife5150

    ...with a bogey

  • Nathan Yates
    Nathan Yates

    I LOVE these kind of videos. You can really put yourself in his shoes and see the nerves play out from start to finish. This round was so impressive on so many levels: the decision to pitch out on 4 to par, the putt on 5, that really awkward upshot around teepad and gravel, more drives, the touch shot-almost-throw in, following a heart breaking OB, and THEN... to posterize the last 2 holes regardless: absolute professional.

  • Graeme Douglas
    Graeme Douglas

    Great round, but what the hell is making that whining noise?! (On how 4 for instance).

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      It’s the motor to the zoom mechanism.

    • Graeme Douglas
      Graeme Douglas

      It's the camera lense. 🙃

  • Robert Rowland
    Robert Rowland

    That tree on 9 tho...

  • dmt3339

    7:49 What a run!

  • recchia3

    You had me at "James Conrad"

  • samxyx

    Why is this man so nice at disc golf?!

  • Radwynfinite

    James has such a beautiful use of angles. Love the way he plays!

  • aLfPlaysGames

    That was honestly incredible to watch. James seems like such a chill dude.

    • ajroberts66

      have you watched his walk through vids?? he’s the Zen Master Bob Ross of Disc Golf.

  • Tony Looper
    Tony Looper

    Love watching James shred a wooded course. He even got a great kick on 9!

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies

    James is a super talented guy who doesn't fully understand the throwing motion in disc golf, as he has no brace. He just falls over the collapsed leg structure which makes throws weak. It's amazing to me how talented players can take sub-optimal form and polish it until it shines like the sun. The falling drive perfectly demonstrates this lack of understanding.

    • Bob Sprung
      Bob Sprung


  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies

    Hey guys, when filming the drives, please do NOT zoom in until the disc is on the way. We need to see the footwork of the players when driving. After the grip, footwork is the single most important part of a drive, and in many of them we can't see their legs or feet. Thanks.

  • Flinty!

    Oh man, 14 & 15s putts were scary lol

  • Gabe Lamm
    Gabe Lamm

    If “Putt for dough” were a person it’d be James Conrad

  • Raymond Vorndran
    Raymond Vorndran

    M A C H I N E

  • Bradley Hudson
    Bradley Hudson

    Has he played this year with his new sponsor

  • Derek Boatwright
    Derek Boatwright

    Such an inspiration and motivates me to throw putters more 😂

  • Andy Frydrych
    Andy Frydrych

    I absolutely CANT WAIT to see James throw MVP/Axiom/Streamline putters like the Envy. I absolutely love throwing the Envy off the tee or to shape tight wooded shots that need placement with low speed.

  • KML

    100% all the time. Keep it up Mr. Conrad!

  • BongRipsandStockTips

    In the top 5 on tour. Just always throwing down sick circle 2 putts.

  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker

    Still arguably my favorite player on MPO.

  • MagnusJonsson82

    James Is my favoriter player 👍 Rly hope he Will come up with a own youtube chanel aswell

    • Raymond Vorndran
      Raymond Vorndran

      F A N B O I ?

  • Jon Heye
    Jon Heye

    sounds like someone yelling in the background every drive :)

  • Ryan

    He's gonna have a great 2021 season I can feel it in my loins

    • krow mon
      krow mon

      @Christopher Suswal "let the boy watch..."

    • Christopher Suswal
      Christopher Suswal

      "I can feel it in mah PLUMS!"

  • Dave Reloader
    Dave Reloader

    Pardon my ignorance, but is this with the new discs?

    • lfish21

      No. Previously recorded

  • Mike Albert
    Mike Albert

    This video should be titled “Thanks”. JC is a baaad man!

  • Roberto Wembley
    Roberto Wembley

    Some people are so good they do not need to be SVname influencers. Good on ya James.

  • Reuben Wolsey
    Reuben Wolsey

    Jesus walks on water. James Conrad bobs around the forest with his foxtail politely slicing discs through teensy gaps and putting like the disc is on a string. Absolutely amazing.

    • Reuben Wolsey
      Reuben Wolsey

      @Raymond Vorndran What’s the point of saying this?

    • Raymond Vorndran
      Raymond Vorndran

      F A N B O I M U CH ?

  • Benjamin Bidlack
    Benjamin Bidlack

    Talk about DIALED IN. Joy to watch James absolutely tear it up. What an incredible player and person.

  • nobo

    Ok, so they need to place 50m circle for James because 10m is a tap-in for him!

  • Joaquin Nagle
    Joaquin Nagle

    Need this with commentary by James

    • Ryan Mccarthy
      Ryan Mccarthy

      Sleep aid. JC commentary on anything

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Maybe in the future. 😉

  • jake hahn
    jake hahn

    His spirit animal is definitely a pony.

    • Matt May
      Matt May

      It turns out you got it backwards. He is the spirit animal of all ponies.

  • Ethan Alton
    Ethan Alton

    2:34 was he lining up a forehand?

    • Bob Sprung
      Bob Sprung

      He has a forehand that is solid. Check out USDGC hole 1 from this year.

    • Derek Boatwright
      Derek Boatwright

      For sure lol

  • Cory Allan
    Cory Allan

    I wouldn't be surprised if he did it with one those cheap fastbacks you get for opening a bank account

  • Chaser 90EK
    Chaser 90EK

    MVP fans be like, "Oh, you tease!"

  • Ron Jones
    Ron Jones

    Just.....WOW! I like this style of coverage. You don't really need any commentary, except maybe what disc he is throwing. Or for James, what COLOR putter he is throwing. lol

  • Lucas Abrams
    Lucas Abrams

    If it wasn't for that horrible kick.....

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    One disc golfer, that we all 100% want to have his own youtube channel, that doesn't have a youtube channel. James, we are ready :) Ps: We are SO ready :)

    • Josh Fowler
      Josh Fowler

      we are not worthy

    • Raymond Vorndran
      Raymond Vorndran


  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    That kick OB is a prime example as to why I despise OB lines in the woods

    • The Cynic
      The Cynic

      I only like OB in creeks or if you go long past the basket and drop off a cliff.

    • The Cynic
      The Cynic

      AMD in ball golf courses when the greens are out of bounds. Stupid. Just put the basket right near the green and if you land there its OB and go five feet past the basket.

    • Daniel Adderley
      Daniel Adderley

      @Ron Jones it looked like there was a low stone wall there

    • Chris Davies
      Chris Davies

      Exactly! And you are not alone. John Houck the world's leading course designer despises it. And with good reason. Artificial OB of all kinds is disgusting. It says "I am a super lazy course designer".

    • Raymond Vorndran
      Raymond Vorndran


  • Robert McLean
    Robert McLean

    Glad I had time to play all four tees there. His putter drives look a bit like mine....on the RED tees lol. So smooth. It ain't that easy.

    • Raymond Vorndran
      Raymond Vorndran


  • Ian Evans
    Ian Evans

    Pitch out on Hole 4 to save par may be the most impressive shot. I always think I’ve got the “hero” shot in me.

    • Raymond Vorndran
      Raymond Vorndran


  • whitesmoke hiding
    whitesmoke hiding

    I’m bald. But might grow out a mullet to see if I can throw smooth like him

    • KillerFinnish WR
      KillerFinnish WR

      Should work! But you could also try and learn to harness the smoothness of your bald head and channel it into your throws.

  • Primos - Disc Golf & More
    Primos - Disc Golf & More

    Incredible result. Grats James!

  • Michael Yahner
    Michael Yahner

    love this dude no matter what frisbees he is throwing. feel like innova lost out on this guy, good on mvp. hopefully we see james around Michigan for some fine hiking atypical for the Midwest.

  • Maxwell Stayton
    Maxwell Stayton

    And he got hosed on holes 11 and 16. He was one fire this round!

  • Roobix13 Second
    Roobix13 Second

    Is he throwing mvp here ?

    • Angelo Robledo
      Angelo Robledo

      @William Burk it's more or less confirmed but he hasn't made his official announcement/press release yet. He said that would happen sometime in January.

    • William Burk
      William Burk

      Is this MVP thing confirmed anywhere or just the most popular speculation?

    • Angelo Robledo
      Angelo Robledo

      This footage is from a tournament that happened months ago, when James was still with Innova. He probably won't play his first tournament with mvp until the Las Vegas Challenge in late February

  • Jesse Haughn
    Jesse Haughn

    Illegal putt @ 4:18?

    • Jay Coleman
      Jay Coleman

      @AddisyB He's outside the circle so as long as the foot that is behind the marker (left in this case) stays on the ground until after the disc is released and his right foot doesn't hit the ground it's a perfectly legal putt.

    • AddisyB

      @Jesse Haughn Ahh I see what you are saying. I don't know the rule on this!

    • Antoine Perhirin
      Antoine Perhirin

      @Jesse Haughn The right foot can move before releasing the disc, but not the left.

    • Jesse Haughn
      Jesse Haughn

      I was talking about how he lifts up the foot behind the disc before he releases the disc. Hard to tell really.

    • Dunderklumpen

      @AddisyB good catch, im blind

  • Pizza Fest
    Pizza Fest

    What is up with that creepy sound after he releases the discs on his drives?

    • Anthony Versino
      Anthony Versino

      Great round and wonderful coverage. Only took me to hole 8 to realize the man being tortured in the background was likely the zoom.

    • Ven Tarfield
      Ven Tarfield

      I thought it was just his release snap you were hearing but after listening for a bit I hear what you are talking about. Good ears.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      You're correct. Those cameras are loud and you can really hear them when you take away the commentary.

    • Brett Fritzler
      Brett Fritzler

      Sounds like the camera zoom mechanism maybe.

  • Wayne Bryant
    Wayne Bryant

    Easy course when you throw everything dead center; nice round.

    • ///AmgFanboi74

      Lmao, sure looks like rec hell and a lot of lost discs though.

  • Alex Cue
    Alex Cue

    Such an insane round!

  • Stig Helmer
    Stig Helmer

    With a new bag?

    • Raymond Vorndran
      Raymond Vorndran

      @C. Morgan Lasley LIKE MCBEEZY??????

    • C. Morgan Lasley
      C. Morgan Lasley

      Stig Helmer i am sure he will adjust quickly.

    • Justin Williams
      Justin Williams

      @Gatekeeper Media I was trynna see some MVP discs don’t bait me like that again ;)

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      This was from 2020. He was still sponsored by Innova when this video was made.

  • Evan Losh
    Evan Losh

    Love this content

  • Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel
    Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel

    James’ use of his putters should be an inspiration and lesson to all of us! Insane how well he can use those discs! 🤯🥏

    • Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel
      Tomahawk Disc Golf Channel

      @CashCat 4Lyfe I am not, I’m out here in Missouri 👍🏼

    • CashCat 4Lyfe
      CashCat 4Lyfe

      @Tomahawk disc golf channel. Are you the tomahawk near buffalo?

    • Jackson Palmer
      Jackson Palmer

      I decided to try the whole “throwing putter” thing about eight months ago... first round got an ace, and now I throw putters way way more than I should, if its under 300’ I am almost certainly throwing a putter 😂 Aviar3 and AviarX3, both in the grippy XT plastic for feel and the ability to drop and stick.

    • KillerFinnish WR
      KillerFinnish WR

      @Ven Tarfield I also used mine for only putting and certain upshots beofre, but that changed when my old aviar got stable again and I could do crazy stuff with it. That lasted for only few days but after that, I went and bought an actual stable putter and now I throw putters a lot.

    • Ven Tarfield
      Ven Tarfield

      Yup. He has changed my game and others around me. Never knew the putter was so much more until the last couple years of watching.

  • Jake Wallace
    Jake Wallace

    Let’s goooo