Kevin Gleason Plays a RUBY Only Round in 15 MPH Winds!! (155 GRAM LATITUDE 64 PUTTER)
Welcome to a Kevin Gleason mic'd up round where he plays with only a Latitude 64 Ruby (putter) at Schumaker Park in Salisbury, MD. The best part is he will be dealing with 15 mph winds throughout the course. While the course is not very long, it is very technical. Let's see if Kevin can keep his round under par!
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  • Austen Hartzell
    Austen Hartzell

    Lets see a beetle only round

  • ReluctantAardvark

    Lots of snorting and excuses.

    • Kevin Gleason Disc Golf
      Kevin Gleason Disc Golf

      Same thing I said watching it.

  • TJ Seneca
    TJ Seneca

    Fantastic representative of Maryland

  • Dave Allen
    Dave Allen

    I just checked your 2019 ITB video and after seeing you throw Rubies around with that touch I'm almost offended that you don't throw a Fuse. C'mon Kev.

    • Kevin Gleason Disc Golf
      Kevin Gleason Disc Golf

      @Dave Allen they do fly very similar. I think I like the fill of the bounty better. I do love a origio fuse for some courses where the keystone isn’t a long enough disc.

    • Dave Allen
      Dave Allen

      @Kevin Gleason Disc Golf Heard they were similar. What do you like about the Bounty?

    • Kevin Gleason Disc Golf
      Kevin Gleason Disc Golf

      I did have one in my bag. I’m using the bounty now.

  • Phil Java Cannon
    Phil Java Cannon

    Thanks buddy. Unfortunately this wind didn’t let us see the beauty of the Ruby. I need to replace mine I lost at Creekside in a creek.

    • Kevin Gleason Disc Golf
      Kevin Gleason Disc Golf

      Yea with Gatekeeper driving almost 3 hours to come do this we had to shoot. We’ve been planning it for over a year. We will hopefully do it again with less wind one day.

  • Charles Porch
    Charles Porch

    Great video Kevin and Gatekeeper! Thanks for covering our local course!

  • Hunter Thorpe
    Hunter Thorpe

    You the man Gleason. You should do an all beetle round. How does the Ruby compare?

    • Kevin Gleason Disc Golf
      Kevin Gleason Disc Golf

      Beetle is a fun catch disc for me, flys very similar but I like the fill of the Ruby.

  • Payth W
    Payth W

    Please encourage Latitude 64 to start manufacturing Ruby's again 😁 I actually have an ace with a purple opto ruby. Have seen them in pink, orange, purple, blue, and teal! Would love to see some white ones! Also can't wait to see the Royal Line discs and Merchandise! Any idea when they'll be released? Thanks!

    • Kevin Gleason Disc Golf
      Kevin Gleason Disc Golf

      @Patrick Carey I also throw a Proto keystone for a slower turn.

    • Patrick Carey
      Patrick Carey

      @Payth W post to where? I can tomorrow

    • Payth W
      Payth W

      @Patrick Carey I've legitimately never seen a white opto ruby before! Could you post a picture please?

    • Patrick Carey
      Patrick Carey

      I throw a super beat Zero Medium Keystone for this slot but I use it in the same way as Kevin uses his Rubies. Might be worth looking into if you can't find a Ruby.

    • Patrick Carey
      Patrick Carey

      I bought my wife a white Opto Ruby last year. She loves it!!

  • J4son J4rvis
    J4son J4rvis

    Maybe someday the Ruby will be for sale again.

  • Jimmy Wyatt
    Jimmy Wyatt

    Such a small world. I met this Kevin at a C-Tier two weeks ago, and now he's on my SVname homepage.

  • Dylan

    Wait, what? I was taught that a clean hyzer angle was the best release in disc golf.

    • C. Morgan Lasley
      C. Morgan Lasley

      Dylan he is talking about how beginners throw high nose up hyzers as you would throw a catch disc with golf discs and it doesn't go anywhere and fades hard.

  • Jason Goertzen
    Jason Goertzen