Kevin Jones Shoots the Hot Round 54(-10) at Northwood Gold (1078 RATED DISC GOLF ROUND)
During the first round of the 2020 Ledgestone Insurance Open we captured Kevin Jones shooting the hot round of 54(-10) at Northwood Gold Disc Golf Course. Kevin shot an official 1078 rated round on the par 64 course. You can find the full coverage below:
Every Tuesday we will release a compiled round of some of the best golf we've ever capture. These videos will vary between no commentary, coverage commentary, and an inside look with the pro commentary.
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  • Eliaxk xD
    Eliaxk xD

    Awesome video! One thing though, could you guys not put the drone fly overs to these one player round showcases. I feel like people who watch these already have a pretty good idea of the hole and having them just doubles the lengt for no real gain. But thanks for the great content!

  • Mandey Coltrane
    Mandey Coltrane

    I know how to play frisbee golf

  • Mandey Coltrane
    Mandey Coltrane

    I love throwing frisbee’s

  • Mandey Coltrane
    Mandey Coltrane

    I love frisbee golf!

  • Bob Sprung
    Bob Sprung

    his C2/long C1 putting is frigging out of control during this round.

  • Scott Yelton
    Scott Yelton

    What rating would it have been if he made that putt on one

  • Mike Lampman
    Mike Lampman

    phenominal announcing! perfect mix of intel on how the course plays with out it being dry or dull. great vid!

  • matthew hardman
    matthew hardman

    That sucks missing his throw on hole 14

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Yeah it does. Nothing like that will ever happen again that's for sure!

  • samxyx

    Course reminds me a little of Inverness

  • Joel Flynn
    Joel Flynn

    Big props to the fit of the prerecorded commentary audio! I loved the way is wasn't chopped, but rather relayered over the new, trimmed down footage! Absolutely beautiful!

  • PlayThru DiscGolf
    PlayThru DiscGolf

    My favorite course with my favorite player - great footage and commentary!

  • Alex Fischer
    Alex Fischer

    My phone died at 17:30


    Enjoying Tristan on commentary

  • Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag
    Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag

    I thought when I shot an 8 that I was just about perfect on this course. Wrong! Kevin with one of the best 12-14 stretches I’ve seen. What a beast! Have a great year on tour bud. I’ll be waiting! 😎

  • Matt Quick
    Matt Quick

    That tee shot on 2 was insane.

  • Derek Patterson
    Derek Patterson

    That's one of the hardest layouts I've ever seen. I couldn't play from those tee's. I'd be lucky to be under 100

    • Asa Hunt
      Asa Hunt

      I played here around Thanksgiving. It's brutal.

    • Dustin

      Kevin had so many "bad" tee shots, approaches, and general bad luck with trees, but atill shot a 1081.

  • Maxwell Stayton
    Maxwell Stayton

    Kev is so dangerous when his jump putt and forehand are both on

  • John Cook
    John Cook

    Kevin Jones checklist: coffee, disc golf, dubstep

  • lkjsdf1

    LOVING these videos. Keep 'em comin if ya got 'em!!!

  • Jeromy Caballero
    Jeromy Caballero


  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark

    LOL and Nate is making a "Northwoods Diamond" now that's supposed to make Gold look easy. I feel for the pros this year coming to town. haha

  • GalacticConquerer

    Tristan has a good commentary presence and voice. Keep it up, and keep that rating going up too!

  • Jim Plattes
    Jim Plattes

    At 2:04 the most amazing long flex forehand drive through a tree canopy I have ever seen.

  • Nick Varley
    Nick Varley

    I spot hunter from foundation disc golf

  • Niamh Lakewolf
    Niamh Lakewolf

    Kevin Jones makes me want to go out and throw straight backhands

  • Ethan b
    Ethan b

    And he missed a few 45 footers, he could have gone -12 easy

  • KallaMigCP

    Sometimes I wake up from nightmares screaming "NO! NOT HOLE 12 AT NORTHWOOD!!!"

  • GripIt&RipIt

    Love how the thumb nail has KJ lookin mad but in fact he's one of the nicest and coolest guys on tour. Lol

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      That’s the look of being in the zone! Lol

  • KMCGamer

    Lol what happened to hole 14?

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Looks like one of our editors made an oversight. Oops lol.

  • bcp5296d

    Employee of Discraft?

    • bcp5296d

      @Gatekeeper Media ah ok thanks for clarifying

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      The commentary was referring to someone else on the card.

  • Kellvig

    The best

  • Jesse Hokkanen
    Jesse Hokkanen

    wow! amazing shot on hole 2!!

  • discgolfindad

    I really like Tristan and Brian on commentary.


      Btw Tristan has the best 5$ Used discs he retires From his sponsors I got a few at one of his DG clinics which are great

    • KallaMigCP

      Tristan sounds older than Brian, and Brian sounds older than me. And I'm past 30.

  • brian6speed

    I play this course and know how impressive this is. The course usually plays harder because they only maintain it well for this tournament. When I play it you can't even try rollers because they don't cut grass.

    • Daniel Adderley
      Daniel Adderley


  • Destin Seese
    Destin Seese

    Man, Jones has quickly become one of the best disc golfers in the world.

    • Darin Ladd
      Darin Ladd

      ... said his mom.

  • Noah Doyle
    Noah Doyle

    making it look easy! he's the man!

  • VIDEOsverigeNU

    Kevin showing where he belongs in the Forehand Tier Lists. Definitely top 5 forehands in professional DG atm.

    • Erick Janes
      Erick Janes

      @brian6speed still yet finished better than most of them players in most tournaments last year. He's top 5 8n all aspects of the game

    • Jacob Evans
      Jacob Evans

      But Simon says

    • VIDEOsverigeNU

      @UCZsiiEVnobZoS6J9YpffVow .. Paul and Eagle arent too shabby either 😅

    • brian6speed

      it depends are you limiting it to ppl full time on pro tour and only North America? Need to know this before I make list.

    • VIDEOsverigeNU

      @brian6speed i could stretch to top 7. But never top 10. Just nope

  • Jordan McLemore-Moon
    Jordan McLemore-Moon

    Hole 14 sounded/looked a bit weird?

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Looks like we had an oversight. Oops lol.