Matt Bell Mic'd Up Disc Golf Round at SOVI Presented by DGA
Welcome to a Matt Bell mic'd up round where he competed in the NJ Team Challenge Matchplay. This is round one of that league. The round was played at SOVI (South Vineland Park) in southern NJ. Matt has some fun while he breaks down some of the popular molds from DGA. Matt is competing in a matchplay against Jason Tilly from Discraft.
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  • Matt Bell Disc Golf
    Matt Bell Disc Golf

    I made it to the big time wohoo

    • J Simo
      J Simo

      i saw you at the Sillver Cup in WI in the parking lot. was gonna say hi but didn't want to bother you.

  • Tyler Bruce
    Tyler Bruce

    2Lo is my disc golf rap name

  • Dustin Coy
    Dustin Coy

    Excited to see what Matt can do in 2021!

  • ryan purdy
    ryan purdy

    a recorded round from Matt Bell on my home town course? lets get it! shout out to jason, his brother nick, and the rest of the sovi gang! I wouldnt love this sport without sovi

  • Jeffrey Voorhees
    Jeffrey Voorhees

    I played against matt in Team challenge the month prior. Super class act and awesome to see how his mind works and how he attacks a course. #IGotSmoked #courserecord

  • Reel Creek
    Reel Creek

    For being a fairly quiet guy / even keel on video he really showed his mentality & way of thinking in the vid. Thumbs up on it from me. DG OP.

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson

    Is he Charlie Berens

  • Tera Townsend
    Tera Townsend

    I’m here for all the puppy content! Also pretty course love the micd up riunds

  • nolan gherity
    nolan gherity

    im curious what that fannypack/ backpack thing katie (?) was wearing is.

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed

    Man very down to earth and seems like the kind of group you would want to find on the course, or the friends you'd want to be tossing plastic with. Loved it. I need my fix until the season kicks off in Vegas. Love it Gatekeeper Media, keep it up please! You guys do great work.

  • money hogg
    money hogg

    Matt and philo on the same card would be ultra chill

  • JSozKVBF

    Rogue is like a surgeSS! I think the surgeSS is the most most slept on disc in Discraft's lineup. Mines been in my bag 10+years

    • Tera Townsend
      Tera Townsend

      My game is 12x better after getting a surge SS so freaking good!!

  • nugg

    Team Side Bird

  • scott c
    scott c

    Great video guys...The Pipeline is gotta be the greatest disc ever made. 👍👍👍

  • Sonny Dalesandro
    Sonny Dalesandro

    Made a tournament birdie this past weekend with a blowfly with "SORRY" sharpie'd on the top. When my card looked over, all I could say in quasi-embarrassment was "Shout out Matt Bell". Hahaha. The fact that you're a Ween fan puts you over the top. Fave player. Ween and DGA need to collab on some discs! "The Boognish", "The Stallion", "Stroker Ace", "Voodoo Lady", the greatest name for a putter ever..."Fluffy". Don't get me started on the deep cuts. Hahaha.

  • ReinZ_96

    Great video, looks like a nice fun course. Extra points for having the pup on a leash!

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    Is that... *world putting champion*... MATT BELL??

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith

    Good stuff. What kind of video camera is being used here. Would a camcorder be a good route for recording like this for the ability to easily zoom in?

  • Daniel Adderley
    Daniel Adderley

    He reminds me of Z from pulp fiction

  • MM 15
    MM 15

    Nice!! I got old polecats and 86 softies from whamo

  • Unsilenced Dissenter
    Unsilenced Dissenter

    Matt Bell=👍

  • Stevie Fresh
    Stevie Fresh

    Awesome job getting Sovi on video...nice seeing different courses!

  • Billie Ashton
    Billie Ashton

    Nice casual round to watch! Looked like a very nice day to play!

  • Benjamin Bidlack
    Benjamin Bidlack

    What a great guy. And an incredible player. Love these mic'd up rounds! Complete with lost discs, dog pickups and side banter. Awesome.

  • Ludo Ludowski
    Ludo Ludowski

    Matt Bell wore a Ween covid mask and instantly jumped into my top 5 favorite discers. His awesome putting and ability to throw a Gumpbutt helped too.

    • Sonny Dalesandro
      Sonny Dalesandro

      Bro....same. Long live the boognish.

  • Zack Pagac
    Zack Pagac

    Those are some clean freaking throws

  • Matt Bell Disc Golf
    Matt Bell Disc Golf

    And then lost a disc

    • Ludo Ludowski
      Ludo Ludowski

      You rock mang! Im a philly/So. Jersey local and loved watching you play Stafford. Keep on keeping on!