Ricky Wysocki Shoots the Hot Round 51(-9) at the MVP OPEN (1079 RATED DISC GOLF ROUND)
During the second round of the 2020 MVP Open, Ricky Wysocki found himself on chase card looking to make a move. Moving day at Maple Hill lends for great golf if you get on a heater. This episode Ricky shoots the hot 1079 round of 51(-9). You can find the full coverage below:
Every Tuesday we will release a compiled round of some of the best golf we've ever capture. These videos will vary between no commentary, coverage commentary, and an inside look with the pro commentary.
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  • DiscGolfer93

    Good to see Innova still dominating the game. MVP... lol

  • Hardware Stack
    Hardware Stack

    Great round by rick, sucks he couldnt take down the win against mcbeth but amazing round none the less. Mcbeth shot very well the following day and even had the huge throw in birdie on 18 to add the icing on the cake! Loved to see the two best duke it out on the final day following this round.

  • JJ79

    I believe its no needed to show these drone drives on compilation.

  • Andrew Fitins
    Andrew Fitins

    1:32 who hit ricky with a shrink ray? 😂

  • Mirrorslap

    WARNING: title spoiler alert

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      The coverage has been out for months! No spoilers, only ZUUL!

  • Austin Texas Law
    Austin Texas Law

    Was this the tournament with “volunteers” that paid $100?

  • Robert McGarry
    Robert McGarry

    Rick is a great person. I am so glad to see him shine through all of his trials and tribulations. His interview was very good.

  • JockOfTheBushveld

    Can we PLEASE have a Worlds that has Maple Hill as one of the courses? NEED

  • Nathan

    Can you do these without the hole previews? It more than doubles the length of the video. Plus it's a course that's been covered a million times so I'm just skipping over them.

    • Nathan

      @Brandon W I got no issues with them on the full coverage. But on a highlights package like this, it doubles the length of the video.

    • Brandon W
      Brandon W

      Not everyone knows the courses, I'm new to disc golf and I like the previews and I think a lot of new viewers enjoy it as well.

  • John Cook
    John Cook

    atta boy rick!

  • JayRok RockSteady
    JayRok RockSteady

    I can’t even with this terrible looping soundtrack. Please get rid of it.

  • Billy Fairbank
    Billy Fairbank

    9:45 is just insane. Nobody jump putts their second shot on 12

  • Cody Kingman
    Cody Kingman

    "That's an awesome 45 foot uphill putt from Ricky" ...yet he's inside the circle 🙄 (8:10)

    • Cody Kingman
      Cody Kingman

      @Gatekeeper Media interesting way to word it

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      He’s including the massive uphill slope. Feels like a 45 footer.

  • Eric Walter
    Eric Walter

    Is this just a low key ad for the Pro Pig?

  • Jonathan Tyree
    Jonathan Tyree

    I've watched Rick since his am days at the toboggan...it's crazy to see how much his game has changed

  • Charles Messer
    Charles Messer

    Too bad Rick fell apart in the final round with McBeast chasing him. It was his tournament to win.


      @Charles Messer Would you calm down Charles, thanks.

    • Charles Messer
      Charles Messer

      @NECROFOROSX oh shut up it was months ago, last season


      thanks for the spooiler

  • Jim Young
    Jim Young

    When did this take place?

    • Jim Young
      Jim Young

      @Gatekeeper Media ok. Thank you for posting. Anxiously waiting for upcoming season.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      2020 MVP Open RD 2

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed

    That is a great follow round, it's great to see back to back shots from the same player throughout the match. Just when I think I'm improving all I have to do is watch videos like this and I realize just how far ahead these players really are.

  • Disc Golf with Brady
    Disc Golf with Brady

    Love these single player quick rounds!

  • Alex Hoelle
    Alex Hoelle

    Paul shot a ten down the next day

    • gtg888h

      Right but not on Gatekeeper

  • PhoenixAshes13

    Awesome. Thanks for posting

  • R Massey
    R Massey

    A true champion! I appreciate adding the round rating into the title.

  • Daniel D.
    Daniel D.

    Rick is one of the most enjoyable players to watch. His forehand shots with that Pig are magic. Hell, most of his shots are magic.

    • Okko Uljas
      Okko Uljas

      @Joe Smith agreed

    • Joe Smith
      Joe Smith

      @Okko Uljas i like watching Simon play more but if James is playing good ii have to watch him to. When James is having a bad round its hard for me to watch

    • Okko Uljas
      Okko Uljas

      imo nothing beats watching James Conrad play.

    • Gambura Frälsaren
      Gambura Frälsaren

      For some reason i can’t stand wysocki

    • NC DOZER
      NC DOZER

      Seeing him live at the Delaware disc golf challenge was insane, he has some of the best scrambles I’ve ever seen, he can always find a gap it’s actually ridiculous

  • Thomas Urben
    Thomas Urben

    Ricky is awesome. Paul is the GOAT tho. IMO when Paul wins he is just so far ahead of the competition

    • Bradlee Weber
      Bradlee Weber

      @Thomas Urben lol yes it is, and I find it funny cause hes the one that showed me disc golf

    • Thomas Urben
      Thomas Urben

      @Bradlee Weber lol is it spelled like urban that’s the most common way

    • Bradlee Weber
      Bradlee Weber

      Lol you and my bro have the same name, last name spelled a lil different but still

  • Robert Mortensen
    Robert Mortensen

    Paul is awesome. Ricky is the GOAT tho. IMO When Ricky wins the World Championships he is so far ahead no one even has a chance.

    • Kenan Dean
      Kenan Dean

      5 to 2 btw