Welcome to a casual practice round that was filmed right before the start of the 2020 Memorial Championship. We have a fun crew with Cale Leiviska, Seppo Paju, Luke Humphries, Lykke Sandvik, and Danny.
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Music by Jay Birdseye
Thumbnail Images by Alyssa Van Lanen
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  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    This Luke makes the current Luke seem like the evil twin.

    • Biz

      With the evil mustache twirling and all. Didn't recognize him without the mustache tbh.

  • Luke Francis
    Luke Francis

    Cale's "Simult-Chain-eously" pun was wwayyyy too underrated by the squad

  • john tardibuono
    john tardibuono

    Cannot wait to see Seppo back STate side.

  • FractaLens

    This was fantastic! I loved the casual atmosphere and watching them play and trying different shots and having a good time. I’ve never seen Lykke play before, I hope she’ll show up more in coverage because she’s really good! Great to see Seppo again also. I apologize because I skipped an hour-long Google ad about Louis XIV embedded in this vid since I didn’t have time to watch it, so I hope it didn’t scratch any extra monies from your gates, keepers!

  • Jacob Curtis
    Jacob Curtis

    That cameraman filming directly in the front left of the tee pad either has huge cajones or great Healh care. 😂😂😂

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      A little bit of both. 🤣

  • Robert Hansen
    Robert Hansen


  • Tyler Bruce
    Tyler Bruce

    I wonder why Lykke isn’t on lead card more often?

    • Torfinn Fuglestad
      Torfinn Fuglestad

      Barely any EU players in the states for the 2020 season due to covid

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      She wasn’t in the states for 2020. She has been winning a lot in Norway though.

  • Infinimetrical

    All the love for Lykke lady.

  • Reid Kemp
    Reid Kemp

    Holy shit that’s my home course!!!

  • Daniel Alverio
    Daniel Alverio

    Too bad this pandemic mess the season up, would have loved to see Lykke crush it this year!

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Agreed. There are a lot of women outside the states who can compete on the highest level.

  • Caribou

    so Humphries has only been a hipster for like 9 months? I had no idea.

    • Josiah Lonsway
      Josiah Lonsway

      (Before it was cool)

  • Alex Hoelle
    Alex Hoelle

    Didn’t recognize luke and Danny’s yoked

  • Muckertheblimp

    ur boi seppo paju

  • Travis Plank
    Travis Plank

    this is my fx2. first time throwing it, really liking it so far... lol come on now edit that shit or something

    • Rob Clayton
      Rob Clayton

      @Travis Plank. I'm 100% with you.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Pretty sure they meant first time as in first day. It’s not as literal as you’re thinking.

  • Biz

    Where is KJUSA??

  • loopedmess

    Love the ad breaks. Gives me time to get stuff done. Thank you for putting so many in there.

    • Daniel Adderley
      Daniel Adderley


  • T Chambers
    T Chambers

    I lykke Lykke :]]]]]]

  • William Burk
    William Burk

    Lykke: "So do you all jump putt from this distance?" *drains a putt from a standstill* nice

    • Christopher Mayone
      Christopher Mayone

      That was badASS!

  • Steven Bolen
    Steven Bolen

    Who’s the pretty girl? She’s got some putting skills.

    • Dave Allen
      Dave Allen

      Cale Leiviska

    • micah_lee

      You can find her name in yhe post

  • Jani Kainulainen
    Jani Kainulainen

    Way cool that seppo is back in usa!

    • Kimmo Matikainen
      Kimmo Matikainen

      Not until March 2021, if COVID situation allows. I think that would be his plan, but not sure. At least many Finnish players are planning to go to the USA in March. This video is from March 2020 so 9 months ago. It was originally posted by Prodigy.

    • pbodys16

      We wish

  • stardustie

    I really feel like I've seen this before?

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Prodigy posted it on their account the day before the event.

    • Andreas Stam
      Andreas Stam

      This vid was posted by prodigy on their acc

    • Göran Johansson
      Göran Johansson

  • vJacks stacks
    vJacks stacks

    Cale is not likable. He exudes arrogance.

    • Jim Beilby
      Jim Beilby

      tjo - You shouldn't bet on that. You'd lose.

    • tjo

      I bet none of you know Cale at all, but say with confidence that he's a certain way.

    • Justin Ross
      Justin Ross

      Honestly thought the same thing the first time I watched him play 2 years ago but the more I seen him on lead card, skins and people's personal experiences with him the more you realize he's not cocky hes just found peace with this world, it's only human nature to be insecure and result in calling the person cocky.

    • Kimmo Matikainen
      Kimmo Matikainen

      @William Burk You right, unfortunately. I have seen and heard this hundreds of times. That is why so many people that are exceptionally good in their area of expertise are too often thought to be arrogant. If you are good at something, acknowledge it and be proud of it and don't hide it. I don't mean bragging about it, but why being shy about something you are good at. Confidence in only a positive thing, never negative, when confidence is justified.

    • Cody Martin
      Cody Martin

      Just met him recently at the NWA Open. He couldn’t have been nicer.

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed

    Beautiful weather. I need to go somewhere sunny, this Oregon rain and 38F temp makes it a lot less fun to play a round.

  • dennis moniz
    dennis moniz

    hear the voice, "OOOOOOH, that humphries!"

  • Bailey Brown
    Bailey Brown

    Ahh, reminds me of the pre covid days hahaha

  • Urho Palomaa
    Urho Palomaa


  • SSJChar

    well i don't recognize luke at all, but voice checks out

  • TheFats216

    Shaved luke looks off