The Gang Plays in a Disc Golf Tournament | Gatekeeper Media | PATREON VLOG FULL EPISODE
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  • Gatekeeper Media
    Gatekeeper Media

    Thanks for tuning into our first ever public vlog! Become a Patreon and watch our exclusive vlog every Thursday.

  • AJ Brown
    AJ Brown

    Much weed was smoked during the making of this video!

  • ryan haggerty
    ryan haggerty

    Loved the Sunny intro, lol

  • Pat M
    Pat M

    If only the randoms on my courses would play sweet music like you guys do.

  • Cody Garner
    Cody Garner

    Super fun to watch, especially from the first person thrower perspective! Thanks for the upload fellas!

  • Xander Zaretzit
    Xander Zaretzit

    Here we go, fellas, the local love, Hickory Run DGC here in NE Pennsylvania. With the virus going on and so many gatherings cancelled, including for a lot of people the holidays, this event felt more like a gathering of family then thanksgiving had this year so seeing the Gatekeepers there was necessary. The layout of the course for this event is extended and I have to admit to looking forward to it, with slight changes each year. Thanks to Pheonix Discs, we had a 1 of 1 custom "clowns mouth" mando that the entire field could not stop laughing at, nor stop driving their discs into. This was a real clip of what we do and look forward to, whether each week or once a year, our disc golf life. Thanks, Team Gatekeeper Media, cheers.

  • Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel
    Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

    Loving this content guys!

    • Xander Zaretzit
      Xander Zaretzit

      North East PA local course right there, Josh. I couldn't be prouder to have been at this event and was able to say hey to the crew. These guys are pretty awesome.

  • Matthew Woodruff
    Matthew Woodruff

    Great music playing in the background!

  • Pedro U
    Pedro U

    Now those are some manly calves!

  • Michael Warner
    Michael Warner

    Great vid, love the Always Sunny music. Please make more

  • Lonnie Davis Music
    Lonnie Davis Music

    This is the content we NEED!

  • Trevor Whalen
    Trevor Whalen

    Love it

  • Ulrich Von Stomp
    Ulrich Von Stomp

    What did I just watch? Was this only made for your personal enjoyment? There wasn't any commentary or context that I could discern. Totally lost...

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      This was an episode from our exclusive vlog on Patreon.

  • bryan bowman
    bryan bowman


    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      But we only showed you the good shots! 🤫

  • Stad Cheven
    Stad Cheven

    Gatekeeper vs. CCDG match play... but who would film it?🤔 (edited for spelling)

    • Brandon Reynolds
      Brandon Reynolds

      Jomez obviously

  • dropdeadmk2

    i would definitely watch more of these!

  • jordan hoglund
    jordan hoglund

    Looks like tons of fun, but gotta ask what's with the name "gatekeeper media"? It kind of sends the message of gatekeeping discgolf from the public, isn't that the opposite of what "grow the sport" is all about?

    • jordan hoglund
      jordan hoglund

      @micah_lee Thats exactly it. Someone very close to me is female and was amazed thats their name(in a bad way) so we had a conversation about it. Im not saying i dont enjoy their content, but i am saying peoples choices of words has impact on those around them.

    • micah_lee

      @jordan hoglund I can understand if you have heard from someone who has had bad experience with.. gatekeepers before. But seems unlikely and in that case if it isn't that bad of trauma, I feel like it would be a good opportunity to grow as a person and move on.

    • jordan hoglund
      jordan hoglund

      @TL Tilley really? You sweet summer child, you must not spend much time reading thru most comment sections.

    • jordan hoglund
      jordan hoglund

      @micah_lee i agree, however i think the term gatekeeping can be triggering to folks who are looking for an inclusive atmosphere.

    • jordan hoglund
      jordan hoglund

      @Gatekeeper Media like from ghostbusters?

  • loopedmess

    Where was this? Any info on course?

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Hickory Run Disc Golf Course at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania.