Trevon Crowe Shoots 95 Points Above His PDGA Rating (1073 RATED DISC GOLF ROUND)
During the final round of the 2020 Gibson County Challenge, Trevon Crowe lit up the Princeton Country Club course. Trevon shot a 43(-16) on the course to win the event. The 1073 rated round was 95 points higher than his 978 PDGA rating.
Here is the link to the official results:
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  • Paul Greiten
    Paul Greiten

    That putting pose was awesome. Great way to get stable.

  • Josiah

    Looks like such a nice course. Great round Trevor

  • Rick Burns
    Rick Burns

    Oman?? Dude was in it, but gets to love.

  • Jordan McLemore-Moon
    Jordan McLemore-Moon

    Why does hole 9 have two different measurements in the flyby vs the mid-hole distance? I'm inclined to assume it's the shorter measurement but

  • Tony Mosconi
    Tony Mosconi

    Did the guy walking during the first putt on 15 bother anyone else?

  • DG GOD
    DG GOD

    Very solid round on a very attackable course!!

  • Billy Fairbank
    Billy Fairbank

    Great composure! Good drives and putts with Paul right behind him the whole way. That putt on 18 must have seemed like 40 feet!

  • Ryan TheAllKnowing
    Ryan TheAllKnowing

    This course looks amazing, easy holes but well-kept.

  • t0m1337n

    Congratulations! Really amazing play by Trevon, looking forward to seeing more of the guy in the future!

  • Miles Cooper
    Miles Cooper

    The filming quality has shot up here, aaaaahhh yeaaaah

  • thewhorocks515

    Incredibly impressive round, and I couldn't even get close to what he shot, but the course itself is so open it's kind of lame and boring.

  • Meloveu Longtime
    Meloveu Longtime

    Notice how many people after making a good drive upshot or putt usually comment how they didn't think they were going to make it. Or they weren't sure about the shot in a manner of speaking? People need to stop that shit. Don't indirectly apologize or comment about your shot right after saying thank you to a compliment given by another player. It makes you appear like a douchebag

    • AyeJewd

      @Meloveu Longtime You just gonna sit here and bitch about who you think is a douchebag, yet not realize how much you come off as a douchebag in that response? All I did was disagree, I think we both know who the sensitive triggered one here is. Your psychological projection is showing

    • Meloveu Longtime
      Meloveu Longtime

      @AyeJewd lmao. Triggered much? You must be one of those sensitive woke people who lives with their mommy. Just like stereotypes, generalizations are about averages and statistics. I'll stick with what I said in my original comment. Agree to disagree. Freedom of speech

    • AyeJewd

      @Meloveu Longtime for sure, I'll at least acknowledge that it COULD mean theyre a douche. Id just hate to say "man I thought it was going to be a bad shot" and have that person mark me down as a douche just because I couldnt hold back from saying what was on my mind, regardless of whether I had just been complimented

    • Meloveu Longtime
      Meloveu Longtime

      @AyeJewd nope but agree to disagree lol

    • AyeJewd

      Absolutely disagree with this. Unless you're into deliberately mischaracterizing.

  • Maxwell Crowe
    Maxwell Crowe

    Damn here I was thinking I’d have an easy path to being the best in the world with the last name Crowe... damn

    • Orion 77
      Orion 77

      Two words, Russell Crowe.......

    • Jacob Bartelme
      Jacob Bartelme


  • Muckertheblimp

    This guy seems a lot better than 978

    • Elijah Bickel
      Elijah Bickel

      He is, he lives in my town and we’re always battling close. Plays like an 1000 rated player. Should be one soon. 996 currently

    • gtg888h

      That happens when you shoot a 1073 round

  • Roman Sharp
    Roman Sharp

    Hole 15 could’ve been bad

  • resting27

    First of all, great round. Second, I couldn’t do it. But.... 1073? That’s a soft 1073 on a very easy course. Put a pro tour event there and -16 might not get you lead card.

    • Orion 77
      Orion 77

      Ratings vary depending on the field of players and their skill/ratings. This would not rate this high if it were in the field of pro tour players.

    • No Way
      No Way

      Not saying the man didn't shoot great, but I think it's still too easy for am worlds

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Definitely an overall easy course on the pro level. It will be one of the courses for Am Worlds which is perfect for that skill level.

  • Erik

    Wow, what a way to win!

  • esoterical73 _
    esoterical73 _

    Do ball golfers respect disc golf when in the same proximity?

    • Schwick6594

      I'm both. That question creates a migraine of Cognitive Dissonance. Can I respect me?

    • NC DOZER
      NC DOZER

      @esoterical73 _ in my experience they look at us like hippies lol

    • esoterical73 _
      esoterical73 _

      @Elliot Butler - Composer Weird. Skill is a needed component in both games.

    • Elliot Butler - Composer
      Elliot Butler - Composer

      not usually... lol

  • Cody Kingman
    Cody Kingman

    Inches away from a -18

  • big Z
    big Z

    This course is harder than he makes it out to be 😂

  • Disc Blaster
    Disc Blaster

    He was probably all hopped up on dabs, aka peds

    • Buckray

      Gotta take a rip out of the dab rig before ya leave the house and finish it off with a couple nectar collector hits in the car to get the mind right. 🍯

    • Chase Burris
      Chase Burris

      Someone call Jordan Castro to scold him like he’s his mother.

  • C. Morgan Lasley
    C. Morgan Lasley

    That is an amazing accomplishment!

  • Peeze16

    "if you shoot above a 1050 I'll go out with you"

  • Skip Maxwell
    Skip Maxwell


  • Nick Logsdon
    Nick Logsdon

    Such a sick round! That’s the composure we’re all looking for!!

  • Wes Warren
    Wes Warren

    Very well done !