Welcome to Team Innova member and 2x Disc Golf World Champion, Ricky Wysocki's 2020 "In the Bag". Ricky uses the Ridge Roller cart and currently carries over 30 discs. You can support him by heading to his channel and subscribing!
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  • Thomas Kerr
    Thomas Kerr

    The only thing I find confusing is seeing Rick have so many destroyers and none of them are his signature discs...

  • Persiah 777
    Persiah 777

    it looks like the waves in the background are on fast-forward...

  • austin doda
    austin doda

    Hey should try the blizzard pig

  • Oblivion Lefty
    Oblivion Lefty

    Your custom cart is well designed, damm you have a grip plastic

  • C Hiebert
    C Hiebert

    No comments about the pile of rocks? Good work Ricky.

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis

    When did Rick make it out to Meadowbrook in Greenville, NC? Love it!!

    • Jeff Davis
      Jeff Davis

      @Gatekeeper Media will definitely check it out. This notification got lost and remembered I never heard back 😂😂 thx!

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      This fall he played in an A tier “Down East Players Cup”. We have a skins match and 3 rounds of coverage on our channel!

  • Thomas Ladjanszki
    Thomas Ladjanszki

    Hard to find a guy who is more in the game.....Ricky is one of the greatest players ever...

  • JJBudinski

    Love my R pro pig, I've thrown it in from 100+ more than any other disc in my bag, plus when it hits it sticks.

  • stul0031

    He obviously can't answer this openly, but I really wonder whether he prefers Harp vs. Pig and Dagger vs. Aviar, he was an absolute putting machine with those daggers.

  • pizza4life

    great itb production and major shoutout to Rickster for his success in 2020

  • Jim Buser
    Jim Buser

    Hello. What plastic is the Big Bead Aviar? I figure if it was just another KC Ricky or the caption would have said so. Thanks!

  • TheUltimateFlyerFan

    Great video. I love seeing the cuts to you throwing the disc that you are showing too.

  • Mason Bonner
    Mason Bonner

    How many discs does he bag? 😳

  • Jeffro4kag

    The discs are great, however the shots were awesome!!!

  • Zachary Teuscher
    Zachary Teuscher

    Cool seeing a 2014 LSO Destroyer in there.. that an Oregon Tournament that was near me. Where is the Nantucket Roller Valk?

  • MK212074

    genuinely insane how far Rick has come with his on-camera demeanor. he's like a totally new person.

    • Collin Davis
      Collin Davis

      was thinking the exact same thing since the whole time. Bravo

  • Kristian Bålsrød
    Kristian Bålsrød

    30 discs? Starting to think there should be considered a maximum number of discs at tournaments. Kind of feels embarrassing to be doing a sport where the best players in the world need to carry around the whole dang store at the course. This is not at all how I know the vibe of this game. We need to show the kids and the beginners that we walk the walk and play like we say when we say "you really just need one disc", or saying that this is an inexpensive sport. How can anyone believe that, when they see this video? When I see this I'm thinking it's all about equipment all of a sudden. In ball golf I think there's a maximum of 14 clubs? Correct me if I'm wrong. Taking into account that ball golfers rarely throw their clubs in the water, and disc golfers do all the time, maybe 20 discs maximum is a place to start?

    • Jeremy Boyd
      Jeremy Boyd


  • Peter Garden
    Peter Garden

    "My Pig addiction has gotten real" LOL. Awesome in the bag Rick! Loved hearing about what you throw and how you throw it. I have tried throwing the R-Pro pig as a forehand approach disc but find that the plastic is a bit too grippy and that i consistently late release with it. I may try out another less grippy plastic.

  • Glenn Estacio
    Glenn Estacio

    Ricky's challenging Dickerson and Melton for most discs in their bag...

  • Austin Taylor
    Austin Taylor

    You should do a video of how to flick a pig cause it’s not working for me

  • Jack Mahon
    Jack Mahon

    Best in the bag I’ve seen so far, Ricky is wildly personable for such an elite player! Might have to bag a pig after this 😂

  • A W
    A W

    Love how well spoken Rick has become over the years. We've been able to watch him grow up and become more confident and its fricken awesome

  • Nick Carroll
    Nick Carroll

    I bought my one and only Pig a year ago and used it intermittently. Once I started getting good with it, it's been in my bag ever since. 2019 Ricky Pro Pig, in pink. Absolutely love it for both backhand and forehand upshots, even drives.

  • Garrett Bacon
    Garrett Bacon

    Didn’t figure out what discs were in your bag cause all I was doing was wondering if it was you who built that rock structure and how long it took

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Rick did build that rock formation as we were setting up the shot. Lol

  • Artur Ojasalu
    Artur Ojasalu

    Can't believe this came out.

  • thebeetlejoose

    Question for Ricky. What makes a disc different for side arm only vs backhand only? Stiffness? Stability? Grip? Weight?

  • Felix Vega
    Felix Vega

    I’m suddenly hungry for some ham and bacon 🥓🐷🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Brett Baron
    Brett Baron

    I have 6 pigs as well 😂. 5 R-Pro and 1 2019 series

  • Brodie LeJeune
    Brodie LeJeune

    No wonder newer players don’t throw innova discs cause even the pros know there newer run of discs absolutely suck

  • Samuel Ehrhardt
    Samuel Ehrhardt

    "anything under 300' i'm throwing the dx aviar" god i wish i could relate

  • Samuel Ehrhardt
    Samuel Ehrhardt

    who else tried to clear the hair off their screen in the bottom right corner

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media


  • Ville Hytönen
    Ville Hytönen

    No wonder you cant find pigs from the shop. They are all in Ricky's cart.

  • Jonathan Mucha
    Jonathan Mucha

    I’ve got a blizzard pig that’s the most overstable disc in my bag..loved the pig for years nice to see it get some recognition👍🏻

  • Bob S
    Bob S

    This video was so good I watched it twice, so far. Big thanks to gateway media and Ricky. Subscribed and Belled.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Thanks for the sub! -Gatekeeper* Media

  • David Abs
    David Abs

    And that cool rock formation 😎

  • George Taylor
    George Taylor

    Beautiful setting for the video

  • Tyler Hogan
    Tyler Hogan

    I like how in depth he goes with each disc and the situation in which he uses the disc

  • Daniel Orow
    Daniel Orow

    This in the cart(bag) video is the best I've ever seen. Amazing illustrative, useful editing and phenomenal explanations Ricky. Thank you all :)

  • David Abs
    David Abs

    Man this is the best one of these I’ve ever seen thanks Ricky

  • Hayden Cheever
    Hayden Cheever

    Is this at Smuggs?

  • Alex Fishing Videos
    Alex Fishing Videos

    Teebird3s are flat top Teebirds but he prefers the domey ones?

  • Birdie Ran
    Birdie Ran

    So many, but today/lately MD4

  • Mathias Tureson
    Mathias Tureson

    Such a great player! Congrats for the 1054 buddy! 🥏⛓️

  • kruksog

    What does SDS stand for? Haven't heard that term before.

    • Dethtrip66

      Innova writes the disc mold and plastic in pen on the underside of the disc. The old runs of star destroyers were penned “SDS” then later they were penned with a star symbol DS. So SDS destroyers were run about 10 years ago.

    • Grant Coleman
      Grant Coleman

      Searching comments for an answer

  • dennis moniz
    dennis moniz

    whoever installed those solar modules should have done more research, they're shaded as all hell.

  • Ryan Koffel
    Ryan Koffel

    Sick Liquid Sunshine Open Destroyer!

  • Deputy Smoke
    Deputy Smoke

    I got 3 Pigs. Bag 2💕

  • DrFranknBerry

    There are Halo Thunderbirds???? Give me some of that.

  • awhislyle

    8 Destroyers, 5 Firebirds Signature disc... teebird3

    • Jeff Sigmon
      Jeff Sigmon

      He has the sokibot destroyer. Basically a stock run with his stamp but still.

    • awhislyle

      @kruksog I don't know, a signature firebird that doesn't sell out immediately to be hoarded by collectors and resold by scalpers for $$$ could be pretty sweet actually.

    • kruksog

      I mean, how could a Ricky Firebird improve on a Sexton one (not that I wouldn't love a Ricky Firebird)? Plus I feel like there are enough Destroyers in the world.

  • Taras Gryba
    Taras Gryba

    Ricky is just so down to earth. It must be fun to play against such a nice guy.

  • CarpeDeezNuts206

    Anyone else remember those waffle Harps Ricky threw when he was on Latitude?

  • shockanthony

    Is it my eyes? Or was the 2nd Halo "Destroyer" actually a Wraith? 😅

    • shockanthony

      @Gatekeeper Media phew lol. Thought I was losing it for a second haha. It is sweet though. I love the color combo

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Haha. It’s a double stamped wraith graphic on a halo destroyer. Pretty sweet disc.

  • Karl Lafrolf
    Karl Lafrolf

    If you have 6 pigs in your bag/cart, I want to know how many damn pigs you have in your closet! Your stash must be impressive!

  • Ryan Sumichrast
    Ryan Sumichrast

    Ricky “Pig finish” Wysocki

  • Chase Ramirez
    Chase Ramirez

    Pig! Love this disc!

  • Alex Cawley
    Alex Cawley

    maybe I should take hints from Rick and find one mold that I carry 15 in different plastics and wear so I'm always consistently terrible

    • kruksog

      That's the spirit. Also, I felt that.

  • Allen Weed
    Allen Weed

    Great video and amazing clips to show exactly what he was explaining. it's great to see how discs beat in and change throughout the months and years. I have a super beat in G Star destroyer that I love, and it's brother, a DX Destroyer which is much more stable. It's the same with my Roc3 and my Thunderbirds. I'm amazed at how much different plastics and use change a disc. Thanks for putting this video out there!

  • Steven Winslow
    Steven Winslow

    It's crazy to see a disc from a little B-Tier I ran 6 years ago in Ricky's cart. That Liquid Sunshine Open 2014 Glow Champion Destroyer is one I've never been able to backhand, but super nice to see it being used.

  • Roger Jones
    Roger Jones

    Innova should make mini Pigs for disc markers and call them Piglets

    • Petter Johansson
      Petter Johansson

      Please make it happen

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media


  • Kivi Knuuti
    Kivi Knuuti

    A lot of collectables :D Some players have shifted away from avery destroyers and ce eagles etc but Ricky is doing the opposite :D

  • Idaho_Rex


  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark

    Congratulations on a great, great year Rick!

  • Derek Scull
    Derek Scull

    Always a pleasure working with Ricky! Make sure to give his channel a sub as well! 🤙

  • Dee Proffitt
    Dee Proffitt

    Congratulations on coming back so strong after Lyme. Always good to see your videos. Happiest of holiday wishes to you.

  • Tera Townsend
    Tera Townsend

    Wow he carries a lot of discs! Great video guys, well done!

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams


  • Joe Illingworth
    Joe Illingworth

    Pigs and magic healing crystals, all you'll ever need lol

  • Thomas Proffitt
    Thomas Proffitt

    In ball golf they have club limits. Should we have disc limits?

    • Jeremy Boyd
      Jeremy Boyd


    • Jeff Sigmon
      Jeff Sigmon

      I think so

    • andrew nemy
      andrew nemy

      I was wondering if there were any limits

  • MoOdY JuJu
    MoOdY JuJu

    YES! Been waiting for this boyz

  • Vista Disc Golf
    Vista Disc Golf

    He should nickname his cart "Blanket", then he can say he never hits the course without a few pigs in a blanket.......I'll see myself out. But that scenery was amazing.

    • Vista Disc Golf
      Vista Disc Golf

      @Darrel Nantais My wife does them with the little smokies and crescent rolls.

    • Raikage

      Lol, it ain't wrong though!

    • Darrel Nantais
      Darrel Nantais

      Is that a hot dog in a pilsbury crescent roll? Or does it have another meaning?

    • Grant Price
      Grant Price

      When a dad joke is funny lol

  • Joseph DeVictoria
    Joseph DeVictoria

    Everything about Ricky's form I wish I could emulate! Especially his drives!

  • ryan purdy
    ryan purdy

    came for the pigs, stayed for the drivers

  • Matt Howard
    Matt Howard

    Imagine being good enough that any of this matters.

  • Cooper Wigglesworth
    Cooper Wigglesworth

    great in the bag!! also anyone able to explain exactly what an SDS destroyer is? an older run?

    • Aks Disc
      Aks Disc

      Yeah it’s older run pre flight number type of disc.

  • Heiskanen

    Pigs are pretty good but i like rhynos more :)

  • Beerunnoft

    You guys are the gold standard for "in the bags" in my opinion. Love the graphics and clips displaying the discs being thrown. Keep it up!

    • Samuel Ehrhardt
      Samuel Ehrhardt

      @Gatekeeper Media yes, so awesome to see kastaplat's lineup showcased, also, excellent production as always

    • reed nagley
      reed nagley

      @Gatekeeper Media I was waiting to watch that ever since he mentioned filming it with you guys was a great itb.

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      @RJG, have you seen the ITB we did for Charlie Goodpasture and Kastaplast?!

    • RJG

      I really like how they showed tournament footage of Ricky using the same disc to throw the exact shot he's describing. I'd watch one of these for every player on tour.

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis

    Raptor legs 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hampus Ellestad
    Hampus Ellestad

    RaptorKing..... And also PigKing! :D

  • Zachary Dennett
    Zachary Dennett

    I thought Ricky had some champion valkyries that he uses for rollers. I guess he must be using his more beat in destroyers for this now?


    Have to admit that as a rec player the pig is my favorite disc. Dont carry any midrange discs as i use the pig for those shots. Very reliable disc. Love me some Pig....

  • TrashContentHub

    It's awesome to see how much more comfortable Ricky has gotten on camera when compared to a couple years ago. Sweet video!

    • Dalton Barrett
      Dalton Barrett

      @Brandon Taylor I never said he hasn't gotten better, just saying he is still awkward

    • Brandon Taylor
      Brandon Taylor

      @Dalton Barrett the main difference is how much he pauses. A few years ago it was horrible now it’s much better

    • Dalton Barrett
      Dalton Barrett

      @Kalle Gunnarson lol well you sure have proven me wrong 😂😂

    • Kalle Gunnarson
      Kalle Gunnarson

      @Dalton Barrett Definitely ain't

    • Dalton Barrett
      Dalton Barrett

      He's still awkward as hell.

  • TMRaven

    5 firebirds and 6 pigs. =O

    • bob freeman
      bob freeman

      8 destroyers

  • eltsdim

    Do you throw rollers? Should i learn to throw them?

  • Cole Riskin
    Cole Riskin

    Look at all those chickens! I mean... pigs

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne

    The stacked rocks next to the calm lake... So peaceful

    • Jeremy Boyd
      Jeremy Boyd

      @Gatekeeper Media great idea Ricky, my first thought was "that cairn really adds to the setting of the video"

    • bruce wayne
      bruce wayne

      Attention to detail is key haha

    • Gatekeeper Media
      Gatekeeper Media

      Ricky actually stacked those as we were setting up. He said it would add to the video!

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    Look at all dem pigs!


    Ricky bringing up Pig sales by 400% after this season

    • Play Disc Golf
      Play Disc Golf

      Best forehand putter ever

    • Kimmo Matikainen
      Kimmo Matikainen

      @thebeetlejoose I don't see much difference in the stability of the old R Pro and new Pro Pig. New one might be very slightly more stable, but the main difference is in the mold. Old R-Pro Pigs were kind of round shape. New Pro Pigs are quite close to Harp. I have a feeling Ricky wanted something that feels more like Harp or Zone and Innove made that that round shape rim into sharper edged rim. It's more like throwing Harp than Pig.

    • thebeetlejoose

      @Kimmo Matikainen What is different for you? Are newer pigs more OS? I tried an R Pro Pig about 8 years ago and didn't notice much difference from Rhynos. The Tour Series stiff Ricky Pigs are nice and overstable in comparison and I don't find overlap with the straighter Rhynos.

    • SAULV

      @Aaron Mayhew 2.0 first putter I got for myself was a used rhyno and I still use it 5 years later

    • Aaron Mayhew 2.0
      Aaron Mayhew 2.0

      @Aaron Feinberg Rhyno!! Been putting with the same champion rhyno for 20 years.

  • Keene Inafuku
    Keene Inafuku

    Damn that’s a lot of bacon lol. Can’t wait for stock stamps of Premium Plastic Innova Pigs lol

    • Nick Carroll
      Nick Carroll

      @ryan Hofsheier As far as I can tell, Pigs were made in Pro, R-Pro, KC Pro, Glow Pro, and Blizzard Champion. It's possible that's a KC Pro Pig.

    • ryan Hofsheier
      ryan Hofsheier

      I have a pig question I have a old ish pig from I would guess 2007 that does not have a innova stamp but is not in dx, more like r-pro??? Similar to the taffy spiders but stiffer penned P What plastic were they making those in?

    • kruksog

      The pig can only be made in pro or blizzard. The rim is too beefy and makes them weigh too much.

    • Alex Fiorenza
      Alex Fiorenza

      @Manny Bratzel wanna sell one?

    • Manny Bratzel
      Manny Bratzel

      All of the Bliz Champ pigs were max weight. Pigs were only ever made in Bliz- they couldn’t make them in champ and keep them normal weight. Yes I have a couple. Yes they are SAF.

  • Thomas Bertilsson
    Thomas Bertilsson

    Love watching Rick compete! Such a great inspiration. Thanks for a great video.

  • DBigz

    The Ridge Roller backpack is also really nice bought one last month and if you do not mind heavier bags, its super nice. I do not regret sacrificing weight for the ability to sit on my bag. Haha

  • Hilzy

    Thanks for doing this. I wish innova would update these more